Utila, perfect corner to disconnect from the world

Any fan of the diving world sounds like it the island of Utila, in Honduras. A wonderful corner surrounded by the always attractive waters of the Caribbean.

This Honduran Island It has become in recent years a preferred destination to practice this sport and above all to acquire the diving monitor accreditation. The reasons? The underwater wonders that it possesses and how economic it is to do the training courses here.

How to get to Utila

The island is located about 30 kilometers from the mainland. Although the most correct thing would be to say that 18 miles, since we will go to a destination where the sea is the main protagonist.

From the port of La Ceiba, north of Honduras, ferries depart daily to Utila to disembark the travelers in the port of East Harbor or Utila Town, the main population of the island.

Port of Utila - Christopher Poe

In fact, Utila Town is almost the only island city, since in its small territory of 11 kilometers in length by 4 in width there are hardly any other locations. An island that is practically uninhabited and occupied only by mangroves and wetlands. Although this is not an impediment to a small airport.

Utila, in the Bay Islands

Utila is integrated within the Honduran archipelago of the Bay Islands, small fragments of land from which the Mesoamerican Reef System is accessed, the second longest on the entire planet after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

From Utila you can reach more than 60 dive sites, which are the main tourist attraction to travel here.

Diving in Utila - Dennis Sabo

Despite the large influx of visitors, this tropical corner is not yet invaded by the big hotel chains. On the contrary, the vast majority of tourist businesses have a family character, both to stay, eat the local cuisine or do diving, snorkeling or diving excursions.

Practically, the 6,000 inhabitants of Utila live from tourism and diving, especially the dozen companies that are dedicated to train instructors of different levels.

These companies are a guarantee for their experience, for the underwater wonders they have at their disposal and for the low prices they work with, which makes them very popular.

The experience of diving in Utila

Coral reefs of great beauty are discovered in different dive sites. A whole repertoire of colors and shapes of the most spectacular in the Caribbean.

In those coral formations it swims surrounded by countless little fishes They approach divers without excessive fear and seem to pose for their cameras and video cameras.

Even though not everything is small and friendly fish. There are also larger ones with which it is better to be much more cautious, such as when brunettes or dangerous barracudas are discovered. You can also see hawksbill turtles, whose agility swimming contrasts with their clumsiness on land.

Tiger shark - Krzysztof Odziomek

But nevertheless, the great wonder during a dive in Utila is suddenly feeling the shadow of the whale shark. It is the largest fish in the oceans, as it can reach 14 meters in length.

His presence is overwhelming, although this giant that inhabits the seas for 60 million years, it is extremely peaceful. Only crustaceans and zooplankton enter through its huge mouth of up to a meter and a half.

Looking for treasures in Utila

Divers who dive into these tropical waters enjoy marine flora and fauna, but there are also those who dream of finding treasures near wrecks or shipwrecks in the area. In fact, Legend has it that the treasure of pirate Henry Morgan is still hidden.

Beach in Utila - Christopher Poe

The truth is The seascape of the Utila bottoms is ideal for all types of dreams. Scuba divers enter underwater caverns, where the effects of light crossing the transparent Caribbean waters, flocks of colorful fish and coral formations make one quickly feel like a fearless explorer.

"Although we travel all over the world to find beauty, we must take it with us to find it."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Definitely, Utila is a wonderful destination to travel to the tropics and immerse yourself in legendary territories. The secrets of the seabed, the legendary pirates, the shipwrecks, a privileged climate and the kindness of the people, makes this island of Honduras ideal to disconnect from the routines. It is one of those places where you conclude that you want to change your life.

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