Pyramids of Giza, global tourist attraction

The Pyramids of Giza, or simply of Egypt, form one of the most recognizable places in the whole world. And not only today, since these pharaonic constructions, never better said, already integrated the list of the Seven Wonders of Antiquity. In fact, they are the only ones that have come to this day, although they were the oldest monument of that mythical listing.

The three most famous pyramids in Egypt alone deserve a visit. They are the great emblem of the country, although throughout its extension you can find other monumental testimonies of the Egyptians of the pharaohs. The temples of Karnak, Luxor or Abu Simbel are visited, but without a doubtthe Pyramids of Giza are one of the most charismatic and tourist places in the entire planet.

The Pyramids of Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo

Pyramids of Giza - Dan Breckwoldt

The name of Giza or Gizeh corresponds to the desert plateau where the pyramids are located. This place is located less than 20 kilometers southwest of the great city of Cairo, so the vast majority of visitors arrive on excursions that begin in the Egyptian capital.

The possibilities to make this getaway abound in the city. However, practically all the groups of travelers that arrive here have hired this excursion in advance, since nobody wants to miss it.

«Soldiers! From the top of these pyramids, forty centuries contemplate you »

-Marlene Dietrich-

The Pyramid of Cheops, the largest of all

Pyramid of Cheops - Jose Antonio Sanchez

In Giza there are numerous pyramids, although the three largest are the most famous. Those of Cheops, Chephren and Mikerinos, the names of the three pharaohs who had them built. And among them, the highest of them all is that of Cheops, pharaoh of the IV Dynasty who reigned about 4,500 years ago.

Its dimensions are colossal: 146 meters high, a square surface of 230 meters side that occupies more than 5 hectares and 2 million blocks of stone of more than 2 tons each. Bearing in mind such strange numbers that 20 years were invested in its construction and that Pharaoh himself called it Khut or the Glorious.

The Pyramid of Chephren, the most elegant

Kefren Pyramid - Quintanilla

The second tallest pyramid is that of Chephren, the successor of Cheops. This is almost as high as the previous one, but it also still saves part of the limestone lining that originally covered them in full. All these stones were reused over the centuries, so what we see today could be said to be disembodied buildings and without their facade. And yet they are still spectacular.

The Pyramid of Mikerinos, the youngest

Pyramid of Mikerinos - eugen_z

This is the third of the great Egyptian pyramids. He was built by Mikerinos, grandson of Cheops and son of Chephren. Its height is considerably lower, since it does not reach 70 meters, however it is extremely valuable by the Egyptologists for the funerary complex that was discovered inside.

In fact, the pyramids are still mastodonic tombs. Inside, galleries and cameras were planned to keep the body of Pharaoh and some of his treasures. These tours continue to be their greatest attraction for treasure hunters of Antiquity and also some of them are passable by tourists.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

Sphinx of Giza - Sorin Colac

If the three Pyramids of Giza are known throughout the world, something similar happens with the sphinx next to them. A colossal sculpture built towards the XXVI century before Christ and that was part of all this huge funerary space. Its function was to act as a guardian and for them it represents a lion's body and a human face, which is supposed to be that of Pharaoh Kephren himself.

The great wonder of the Great Sphinx is that it reaches 20 meters high but it is not a construction, but it was carved in a large mound of limestone that was in the esplanade of Giza. There he has endured resisting the passage of time and even battles, since it was said that for example he lost his nose with a gunshot of the Napoleonic troops, although it has later been shown that it was not true.

Definitely, Giza, the pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the desert near Cairo are undoubtedly a global tourist attraction. Therefore, if you visit, you should not be surprised that in the middle of nowhere there are plenty of guides, vendors or camel drivers who offer their animals to explore the area.

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