The 6 most beautiful lakes in Spain

How about a weekend getaway to a wonderful natural environment? In Spain there are dozens of beautiful lakes that can help you eliminate the stress of the city and spend wonderful moments with your family or friends. How about an excursion through these water mirrors? Check out the most beautiful!

For an autumnal or spring walk, for those who are not very beach lovers or prefer a quieter idea on their vacations with children ... Spanish lakes offer us an unsurpassed natural beauty, but also the possibility of many activities. Meet the most recommended:

1. Lakes of Covadonga, Asturias

Lakes of Covadonga, Asturias - LFRabanedo

In case one lake was not enough ... here are three! All are of glacial origin and their names as beautiful as their surroundings: Bricial, Ercina and Enol. They are only filled during the thaws and are located within the Picos de Europa National Park.

Even if you have not been to the Lakes of Covadonga, you know them very well. Why? Because for over 30 years there one of the most exciting stages of the Cycling Tour of Spain takes place... They appear on television in each edition! In addition to riding a bike you can tour the Buferrera Mines, where, after being abandoned by man, the vegetation has gained ground.

2. Lake of Banyoles, Girona

Lake of Banyoles, Girona - Joan Grífols /

It has 1.18 km² and is the largest in Catalonia. If you have some years for sure you will also have seen it on television. There, rowing events were held during the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.

After conditioning for the competition, Lake Banyoles offers its facilities to take a refreshing dip in summer if you dare! Are the waters too deep or dangerous? No though According to a legend in this huge water mirror lives a dragon.

3. Lake of Carucedo, León

Carucedo Lake, León - elholgazan /

It is located in the area of ​​El Bierzo, one of the most beautiful in Castilla y León. In addition to enjoying the natural landscapes you can visit Las Médulas, the largest gold mine in the ancient Roman Empire. The extraction for so long produced a profound alteration in the landscape and now you can see the reddish sands between chestnut and oak.

"Swans are born from the snow fallen on the lakes."

- Ramón Gómez de la Serna -

4. Lake of Sanabria, Zamora

Sanabria Lake, Zamora - LFRabanedo

One of the outstanding data of this Spanish lake is that it is the most extensive in the entire Peninsula if we compare it with others of glacial origin. The homonymous national park protects it and forms a beautiful walk to go with family and enjoy the beaches of sand and stones with vast vegetation.

Do you like outdoor sports? In the surroundings of Lake Sanabria you can go hiking and paragliding. You also have the opportunity to practice rowing and ride a wind-solar catamaran.

5. Lake of San Mauricio, Lleida

San Mauricio Lake, Lleida - Alberto Loyo

In the area you can find not only San Mauricio but also…. 80 more lakes! Located in the central part of the Pyrenees, more precisely in the Aiguestortes National Park, It is of glacial origin.

Depending on the time of the year, here you can go hiking, climbing or snowshoeing. There is something for everyone!

6. Lakes of Salicense, Asturias

Lagos de Saliencia, Asturias - Saliencia2013 /

They are a set of four freshwater ponds, two lakes and two lagoons. Around a great natural beauty that is worth knowing are the lakes of Calabazosa and Cerveriz and the Lagoons of Almoguera and La Cueva.

In addition to these beautiful lakes, in Spain you can bathe in lagoons and rivers throughout the territory. Would you like to spend your next vacation or long weekend in any of these destinations? It will be a wonderful experience!

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