Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: shopping tips

If you like to buy you have to visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, an area of ​​80 streets, more than 4000 shops, bars, cafes and restaurants where you can buy anything you can imagine.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest markets in the world, was founded in 1461, which also makes it one of the oldest.

This market receives more than half a million tourists a day, it is organized chaos. The streets are named according to the items sold on them., so looking at the names of the streets you will know what you can find.

Tips for shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Street - Viacheslav Lopatin /

Knowing the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a fantastic experience, but you have to know some data to make it perfect. Here we bring you the best tips for shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

"If the world were only one state, Istanbul would be its capital."

-Napoleón Bonaparte-

The art of bargaining

For any purchase you make in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul it is necessary to haggle, since the prices that sellers say are generally above their real value. Bargaining is a local custom, so they know that the customer will always ask for discounts.

With the haggling you can get between a 30 and 40% less than starting price, so be prepared to negotiate with most of them to get good prices.

Typical pottery in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - pokku

Dress to buy

Remember to dress casually or shabby, that is, with shorts, sandals, a beard of one or two days and, in the case of girls, with little makeup and not very well groomed.

If you go with expensive accessories you will give the impression to the sellers that you have a lot of money and you will pay much more than the others. When you go shopping, you better save the camera and lenses, especially if they are branded.

Don't be anxious

Sellers know how to read customers between the lines, if you show a lot of interest in an item, they will charge you much more

Be very careful with expressions like "just what I needed"or "my mother will love it" because then they will resist lowering prices and this will not allow you to get good discounts.

Store in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - Alf Igel /

The best time to buy is starting the day

The merchants of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul like to start the day with sales. In their culture, if they sell early it will be a good day for them. Becauseyou must aprsheep and buy early, they will be more flexible in terms of prices You are willing to pay for items of interest.

Do not buy in the first place

If you find an item you like at a good price, don't buy it, dyou should use that price as a reference and keep walking until you get the best price.

In the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, every price can be improved, always ask for a discount, in the end ask for the best price and warn them: «If you give me your best price I will return here, if not, I will buy somewhere else», that always works.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - Paolo Bona /

Always be kind

When you are negotiating with a vendor of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbulmlay down kind and communicative And you should always smile.

During the negotiation try to distract or transmit your lack of interest to the seller. You can start by mentioning something about his store or the items he sells, he will do his best to sell you something and lower his prices to achieve it.

Carry previous shopping bags

If you carry previous shopping bags they will be more interested in you because They will see you as a potential buyer. Use this in your favor by expressing that you are about to leave and that you already have little money left, will surely improve your offer.

Textile items in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - Elsa Hoffmann

Buy in quantity

If you buy large quantities you will always get better prices than in detail. Consider buying dozens of memories that you will bring to your family and friends, the prices will surely be better.

It is important that you remember that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has a schedule of 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Sundays remains closed. To get there you can take the tram from the Beyazit stop and from there follow the indications to go on foot.

Buying in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is something you have to live.We assure you that, once you go and begin to master the arts of bargaining, you will want to visit it every year and bring you the best items at the best prices.

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