Fraser Island, a virgin paradise

Fraser Island is a corner that is part of a really beautiful region of Australia. Without a doubt it is one of the places that nobody should miss on a trip to this country-continent, it is a World Heritage Site and a third of its surface is a national park. Do not hesitate to visit this virgin paradise of the Pacific!

Fraser Island, nature at every step

The Great Sandy National Park is not the only natural attraction you can enjoy on Fraser Island ... In fact, its 1800 km² is like a great reserve! further It has the honor of having been listed as the largest sand island in the world.

Do you like 4 × 4 crossings through the dunes? On Fraser Island you will find some that reach 180 meters high. You dare? Other activities you can do are fishing, walking, bird watching, swimming in the crystal clear and hot waters or lie in the sun to enjoy such beauty.

Dunes in Fraser Island - sumano kongsak

A fact that surely you will not believe but that is true is that On the island there are about 200 freshwater lakes that seep through the sand. The most famous is the McKenzie, but you should not go there if you want peace and quiet, as all tourists visit it.

If you are looking for a true adventure on your vacation, on Fraser IslandYou can walk along the sandy slopes surrounded by a large amount of vegetation. Trips are organized in vans or on foot, according to the distance. You will pass through bushes, large trees that do not allow to see the sunlight and flowers the size of a dog!

And just talking about dogs ... Dingoes inhabit the island. They are wild dogs that live in packs and while they can convince you with their angel faces, don't let them get too close, they can be dangerous.

Dingo dog on Phrase Island - DreamLand Media

"If you want to become wise, you will first have to listen to the wild dogs that bark in your basement."

- Friedrich Nietzche -

Tourist attractions of Fraser Island

Camping on the beach, crossing 4 × 4 and dodging wild dogs is not the only thing that can be done on Fraser Island. This Australian island has other attractions that are worth enjoying in a stay:

75 mile beach

As you will have noticed The name is due to the length of this beach (almost the entire east coast) that ends in Indian Hedis. There is no problem finding a place to put the towel!

Indian Hedis

It is located northeast of the island. After climbing a small hill you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the coast and the sea. ¡¡If you go in whale season maybe you can see some! And if you dare to be very close to one, you can take a boat trip from Hervey Bay.

Maheno Shipwreck

Maheno Shipwreck - Troy Wegman

They are the remains of a ship that ran aground on the shores near Eli Creek in 1935 and that they became a large piece of rusty scrap metal. It may be a good idea for those traveling with children. Imagine the pirate adventures we can tell for an afternoon of games!

Eli creek

It is where a small stream flows into the east coast of Fraser Island. It is quite famous among Australian tourists and consists of wooden walkways where locals and children can splash a little, or at least cool off after a great walk.

Wabby Lake

Wabby Lake - Federico Massa

One of the many lakes on Fraser Island, why do you get noticed? Because its water is green! Not because of the pollution but the surrounding trees. To get to this place you must do a light walk of 1 hour. But is it worth it!

McKenzie Lake

MacKenzie Lake - CO Leong

You have to go through this beautiful place during your stay on the island. It is surrounded by white sands and trees. It feeds on rainwater since there are no streams or rivers that reach or leave it.

Fraser Island is a unique place, not for nothing Aboriginal natives called it K'gari. What does it mean? Paradise. No more no less. If you visit Fraser Island you will realize why they were not wrong at all.

Video: Fraser Island Day Vlog (February 2020).