5 appetizing gastronomic festivals in Europe

One of the most outstanding activities of our vacation is to go to a restaurant and order typical food region of. And what if we attend a gastronomic festival? There are many to choose from across Europe! The perfect excuse to try all kinds of dishes while we learn from a different culture from ours. Bon appetite!

Where are the 5 best gastronomic festivals in Europe?

Eat, eat and eat. That's what our list is reduced to. It is not suitable for those on a diet! Do you have a tough stomach? Then you can't miss these European gastronomic festivals:

1. Cantina District (Ghent, Belgium)

It is a large open-air restaurant where vans serve as food stalls. There you can find all kinds of local and international menus. There is also music and even relaxation areas. After so much eating you will want to take a nap!

Ghent, Belgium - Carlos Espejo / Flickr.com

It takes place three times a year: in May, June and September and you can also find it in other Belgian cities such as Bruges, Ostend and Ámberes. Admission is free and has a lot of dishes to choose from, many of them vegetarian.

2. Le Recontres de Cambremer (France)

With that name it already catches our attention and makes us want to participate. This festival takes place in the city of Cambremer, in Lower Normandy. It offers all kinds of French and European products. Until Japanese!

Cambremer, France - HUANG Zheng

Every year he surprises us with something different. In addition to doing open cooking and tasting classes there are activities for kids and even hiking trips through this beautiful region... To make digestion is perfect! and to lower some calories after eating, too.

It has a cost of 4 euros and It takes place in early May. Do not miss the wines and cheeses of Le Recontres de Cambremer, they are exquisite.

3. Street Food Festival (Germany)

It does not have a single headquarters. It has already been organized in Cologne, Mainz and Dusseldorf. The amateur chefs are responsible for putting flavor and aromas to this festival. There are dishes from all over the world and of course the kind German cuisine.

Gastronomic festival in Germany - Su Justen

It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy exotic dishes and stroll through a beautiful city. The entrance price is 2 euros and the ticket is used for both days of the fair. The food has a value of between 4 and 8 euros per serving. Organic burgers, grilled Mexican octopus and vegan sushi are some of the options. In April and May according to the city.

4. Food Connections (Bristol, United Kingdom)

It is a renowned gastronomic festival for the English and combines the perfect elaboration with local products of excellent quality. The objective of “Food Connections” is to help attendees to reflect on their eating habits.

The party is divided into 6 categories, all related to sustainability: Plantation, Celebrations, How to cook well, Wellbeing, Food and Family. It takes place in early May and admission is free. The star product is cider. It can be purchased in several positions and all come from the Somerset area.

«Food is our common ground, a universal experience.»

-James Beard-

5. Gouda Kaasmarkt (Netherlands)

In the cradle of Gouda cheese, a festival that paid tribute could not be missed. Every Thursday from April to August, this market is set up between the De Waag Historic Building (built in 1668) and the Town Hall. They continue to maintain the habit of offering the best cheese straight from the factory. Farmers and traders come together to compete with their elaborations. And you can haggle the price of the pieces!

Cheese Market, Netherlands - Berit Kessler

Admission is free and all the dishes they sell are prepared with Gouda cheese, how could it be otherwise. Some of the menu names are "Cheesew 12 o'clock" and "High Cheese". Are you a cheese fan? Then this is your festival!

If you decide to shop around these gastronomic parties we advise you to move the scale away before and after leaving home. When you return you can start the diet!

Video: Turkish Food Festival Promo May 5th Columbus, Ohio (February 2020).