Hallerbos, a blue forest

Come with us to meet Hallerbos, a wonderful blue forest that is located in Belgium and that has no equal on the entire planet. This amazing place offers chromatic contrasts that are able to dazzle to every visitor who approaches this fantastic area of ​​central Europe.

How is Hallerbos?

Hallerbos, known as the blue forest, is a place that seems enchanted and could well be a set of any Disney movie. As if from a fairy tale I had come out, It is one of the most photographed spaces in Belgium and it is not surprising, since its beauty is iconic and deep.

Hallerbos It has become a forest of peculiar beauty thanks to the dense flower foliage bell which, when blooming during the spring season, form a tapestry with contrasting violet and blue colors, a fact that gives it the sympathetic and beautiful appearance unique throughout the planet.

Hallerbos, Belgium - tjwvandongen

In addition, Hallerbos is truly great, because It has about 552 hectares spread throughout the municipality of Halle, located between the regions of Flemish Brabant and Wallon. So, during the spring and summer seasons, you can enjoy the magical magnificence of this landscape in the heart of old Belgium.

Hallerbos history

We can be talking all day about the goodness and beauty of Hallerbos, but you can already enjoy this unique space in the images. However, it is important that you also know a little about its history and origins.

Hallerbos is a place with a long and long history. Already in the Mesolithic times, this it was a carboniferous forest that began to fragment slowly, beginning in the times of the Roman Empire. This fact resulted in small spaces. One of them became known as »Zoniënwoud», forming the eastern border along with the blue forest.

It was not until the year 686, that there is evidence that St. Waltrudis bequeathed the blue forest to the domains of the abbey of the same name, located in Bergen. These are the first mentions that have been known since the appearance of Hallerbos in the center of what is now Europe and, more specifically, Belgium.

Hallerbos, Belgium - Sylvia Adams

Before the year 1200, St. Waltrudis became a noble council, but since they were not able to direct and protect Hallerbos because of the enormous distance from Bergen, they decided to leave it under the tutelage of the nobles of Brussels. This fact took place in 1229 and was renewed in 1239 by mutual agreement, although it lasted for several centuries.

A character who has had a lot of weight in the life of Hallerbos is the Duke of Arenberg. In 1648, the state of Halle left him as bail to compensate him, given that King Philip IV of Spain gave part of his land of Zevenbergen, in northwestern Breda, to the Germans as signed in the Treaty of Munster.

Even so, after two years, the Duke of Arenberg still did not receive his payment, a fact that concluded with the public sale of the land by King Felipe IV in November 1652, so the noble took possession through an intermediary of Halle and two thirds of Hallerbros. In this age, the blue forest consisted of about 1125 hectares.

Hallerbos, Belgium - Menno Schaefer

So that, a time of trouble came, because the blue forest of Hallerbos had two owners. On the one hand was the Duke of Arenberg and, on the other, the town hall of Sant Waltrudis still maintained his possessions.

To solve the problem of double possession, borders and boundaries were erected, separating it into two parts through the planting of 24 stones that marked the areas that belonged to each. In fact, Even today you can see these monuments in the Belgian blue forest.

"There are those who cross the forest and only see firewood."

-Lions Tolstoy-

Unfortunately, Hallerbos diminished over time, losing ground in favor of farmland. At this time of division, its extension was limited to only 660 hectares.

Subsequently, Hallerbos has gone through more hands, from the French, at the time of the invasion caused by Napoleon Bonaparte at the end of the 18th century, to the English, when the French troops were defeated in the famous battle of Waterloo, ending in possession of the Dutch shortly after.

Hallerbos in memory

Whatever the long history of this wonderful blue forest, Hallerbos has remained in the memory of all those who have visited it, given its lush and colorful vegetation and the wonderful place that the traveler holds.

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