The best places to enjoy autumn in Europe

If you think that because summer is over you can not go on a trip until the temperatures are high again ... you are wrong! In autumn the cities are embellished and offer you a renewed style dyed ocher and red. Meet the best places to enjoy autumn in Europe and pack your bags. Don't forget about the coat!

What are the 4 best European destinations to go in autumn?

May the fall of the leaves not discourage you. You can always find beauty and fun in your getaways. Take advantage of a weekend or some days off to take a walk through these beautiful places!

1.Lyon, France

Lyion France - Sylvie Bouchard

It has an impressive historical wealth. This World Heritage of 2000 years of life is divided into neighborhoods. You cannot miss going to the old part (Vieux Lyon) at the foot of the Fourviere hill. Everything is old! You can see Renaissance churches, an ancient Roman theater and medieval roads.

In the Croix Rousse neighborhood there are workshops that allowed Lyon to be given its nickname of "silk capital". In the surrounding area is the Lumiere Brothers Film Museum and the Celestin Theater.

And to finish the tour Enter a restaurant to enjoy typical cuisine: onion soup and grattons at least.

2.Varmland, Sweden

Varmland, Sweden - KN

It is not a single city but an entire region in the south of the country. You like the cold? Then do not hesitate to go to Karlstad, the capital. All Varmland is natural in the purest state you can imagine. A beautiful outdoor holiday (and with a lot of shelter) is what you will experience in this place.

Among the favorite activities for young and old you can build a log raft and with it descend down the Klara River. Also do a safari to spot large moose in Langbergets and ride a bike along beautiful forest trails in the prehistoric lakes area of ​​Brattforsheden.

3. Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal - Nestor Noci

North of the Peninsula, more precisely on the banks of the famous Douro River. Its charming streets, which seem taken from a tale of yesteryear, will make you spend beautiful moments in the second largest city in Portugal. further It is quite affordable for those who do not have too much budget For an autumnal getaway.

The old quarter is several centuries old, the Puerta de Sant'ana was one of the accesses in the past. Another place you can not miss is the Palace of the Arts, in what was the Monastery of Santo Domingo.

But not everything is history in Porto. Foz Do Ouro and Boavista neighborhoods show the technology of the 21st century. A fascinating combination for your trip.

"Like a road in autumn: as soon as it is swept, it is covered again with dry leaves."

- Franz Kafka -

4.Donegal, Ireland

- Donegal, Ireland - POM POM

¿Did you know that Ireland is known as “the Emerald Island"? Not because we can find that precious stone, but because of the green color that floods everything: valleys, mountains and meadows. Well, in autumn they will be a little orange and reddish but they are not less beautiful and impressive.

Travelers going to Donegal, northwest of the island, say that there the nostalgic air is breathed at every step. It is one of the few places where the traditions of hundreds of years ago are maintained. For example, farmers who care for their livestock and do not have television or houses where the Gaelic language is spoken.

If you like adventure you can go to the cliffs of Horn Head, less popular than those of Moher, or visiting lost villages in the mountains.

Explore ancient forests in Glenveagh National Park and Enjoy kilometers and more kilometers of beaches. You will love this whole Irish area!

Haven't you packed your bags yet? What are you waiting for? ¡¡These beautiful European destinations are waiting for you so you can enjoy them even if it's already getting cold!

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