4 differences between a tourist and a traveler

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, tourist is one who travels for pleasure while traveler simply applies to the person traveling. However, the differences between the two concepts are much more complex when the fact of visiting other countries and places is put into practice.

We must take into account the amount of time each of them devotes to exploring other continents. The ways they have to do it can become totally antagonistic, that's why a traveler and a tourist don't have to look like.

Interaction with the environment


A tourist and a traveler have a very different way of connecting with the world and interacting with spaces and people. The traveler is willing to make extensive trips and feels the need to embark on conversations with the locals. In fact, they are usually informed about their customs and culture through the inhabitants of the area.

«There is a lot of difference between traveling to see countries and to see villages»

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-

The traveler tries to integrate into the life of the region. It will use the information to get in touch with the true nature of the population, learn which places they consider more beautiful than others and even get to stay in their homes and use the means of transport that the locals indicate. In short, the traveler manages to feel for some time part of the society that welcomes him.

The tourist, however, has very few days to tour the area. This will prevent you from meeting new people and you will be forced to collect all the data through the Internet, from your guides and from the official service offices.


The search for the exotic marks the way of the traveler, who sets a tour before leaving in search of adventures but rarely wants to optimize it.

Surprises and emotions are part of your trip. Chance and the spontaneous combine to transform the moments of chaos into adventures and experiences. It could be said that they turn each trip into a personal experience in which they acquire all kinds of knowledge.

Thailand - Somchai Siriwanarangson

For its part, a tourist will have everything planned and will try by all possible means to know the maximum number of monuments, squares, museums and other tourist attractions.

Your visit will be tied to the schedules of the activities you will be doing. Go from one place to another constantly and the rush will be the order of the day in a tourist getaway, since your stay is conditioned to a small amount of time.

This person wants to make the most of their vacation, that is the reason why it has everything perfectly organized. You don't want to leave without having seen the most famous art pieces or without having set foot in the most recognized memorial buildings.

The beauty of simplicity

Rest and amenities

At present, the occasional tourist usually combines his cultural visits with moments of rest. Get away from the mundane noise by going to spas, receiving massages or using the means that hotels usually have, such as a solarium, pool or spa.

Likewise, Enjoy shopping and purchase souvenirs for your friends, acquaintances and relatives. Do not forget the usual need you feel to go out for lunch, dinner or just have a drink. Of course, always in restaurants or clubs that meet certain health and safety conditions.


For its part, For the traveler, relaxing situations only occur while enjoying typical meals in establishments that do not appear in any guide but they are full of locals.

To this type of individual he is excited to get lost in hiding places and alleys. He feels calm and peaceful sitting for hours contemplating the beauty while reflecting on the multitude of life forms he finds in his path.


The two types of stays are clearly valid, since both travel styles are carried out by curious people eager to learn, meet and enjoy different experiences than usual.

The real difference between them is based on time who dedicate to travel and to soak up the culture, traditions and beauties of the places they visit.

The traveler has the opportunity to live and feel because he spends weeks, months and even years touring one or several countries. Thanks to this, he has had the opportunity to discover unknown worlds.


On the other hand, the tourist, due to lack of time, only has the possibility to admire the regional culture for its most impressive works of art. He is forced to take a small part of each thing and set aside the exploration in the hope of obtaining a revelation when he analyzes his trip.

As you see, there are important differences between traveler and tourist What do you consider yourself?

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