Which seat is safer inside an airplane

¿You have stopped to think at some point in your life which seat is safer in an airplane? Actually, if you consult with experts on these issues, they will tell you that there are no ones that are better than others. However, if we look at the statistics, we can see a trend according to mortality in accidents that have occurred in recent years.

The safest seat in an airplane

We will echo an investigation published and prepared by the popular and prestigious magazine Time. In it, they wondered about the safest seat in an airplane.

To know the answerthey got the results of 17 accidents that had taken place for fifteen years and that were recorded in the FAA database, the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, specifically between 1985 and 2000:

  • According to the results produced by the study of Time magazine, the middle zone is the most dangerous to travel by plane, since the mortality rate recorded in air accidents is 39%. Quite high, without a doubt.
  • Then, and always attending to the statistics of the accidents studied, the front area is the second most insecure when traveling by plane, since the mortality rate amounts to 38%. There are no major variations with the results of the middle part.
  • The safest seat in an airplane, according to Time magazine studies, is in the rear area, since the mortality rate in this part of the air vehicle is only 32%, somewhat lower than in the aforementioned parts.
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What seat to choose inside an airplane?

The study carried out by Time magazine also takes some extra steps when it comes to locating which seat is safer in an airplane. It is clear that, as everyone will know, it usually goes in rows three by three, with a corridor between each trio. Which of them is better for chances of survival? Do youWhich one you should never sit on?

  • According to the mortality rate, the most dangerous seat inside an airplane would be attached to the aisle and is located in the middle zone of the air vehicle. In this part there are 44% in total of victims who lost their lives in an accident.
  • If we look at the statistics thrown by the study, the safest seat in an airplane is located in the rear area, between the window and the aisle. In those sites, the percentage drops to 28%. Without a doubt, the one that offers less chance of perishing, although in an air accident, it is never easy to survive.
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Which seat is safer inside an airplane according to the circumstances

Like is logic, the circumstances of a plane crash are basic to know the chances of survival That has the passage. If we ask ourselves which seat is safer in an airplane, we must observe the accumulation of situations that occur according to the place where an accident occurs.

It is logical to think that people who are sitting near the exit doors are more likely to survive. According to the University of Greenwich, which conducted a study related to this issue in 2008, this fact is real, so it is not at all a bad idea to reserve a seat in the back and near these places.

Having said that, the chances of surviving on an airplane, whatever the seat we are located in, are never many. However, if it is the front that carries a good part of the impact, it is clear that the rear will be more likely to come out unscathed, and vice versa.

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Be that as it may, it is obvious, if we look at the statistics, that Air travel is the safest there is, since the chances of dying in an accident during your life are very low if we compare them with other means of automotive:

  • Dying in a car accident: 1 chance between 112.
  • Dying in a motorcycle accident: 1 probability between 900.
  • Dying in a plane crash: 1 chance between 8,000.

"The plane is only a machine, but what a wonderful invention, what a magnificent instrument of analysis: we discover the true face of the Earth."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-

Obviously we use the car much more than the plane, of course. So that, don't be afraid to fly and enjoy a great experience, wonderful and safe, although it never hurts to choose the best seat.

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