Malta, a perfect mix of history and nature

An island that is located in the middle of three continents can not be less than impressive. With just over 300 km², it is one of the smallest countries in the world. More and more tourists decide to go on vacation to Malta, a perfect mix of history and nature. Do you want to know more about her?

Interesting facts about Malta

Malta is located between Africa, Asia and Europe. That unique combination makes it a spectacular place to lose yourself in its beauty. In addition to the main island, the country is made up of two smaller ones: Gozo and Comino.

It is independent of the United Kingdom since 1964. Four decades later he joined the European Union.

The words that characterize Malta are tranquility, security and kindness. But we could also say that the beach, parties and affordable prices are highlights of this beautiful place.

La Valletta - lliseykina

The star king never takes vacations in Malta, where there is sunshine almost 365 days a year. Temperatures are extremely pleasant and do not exceed 30 ° C in summer or fall below 15 ° C in winter.

While the island is perfect for exercise and walking a bit, you can also move by public bus (the ticket costs 2.50 euros and entitles you to use all the lines during the day) or ride a tourist bus that departs from Silema every 45 minutes. And of course,Ferries and boats serve to go from one island to another in the beautiful Maltese archipelago.

What to do in Malta?

No matter how many days you stay in this natural beauty will always have an activity to do! If you are not a fan of walking from here to there on your vacation you can rest on its wonderful beaches with quiet coves where you can sunbathe.

Among the main activities to do in Malta stand out:


You can observe from the depths the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. If you have never done diving in your life, Malta is perfect to get started in this sport. The waters are very calm and there is no danger of shark attack or other marine animals.

Island of Gozo - Mikhail Starodubov

The islands of Gozo and Comino are ideal for diving because they are quieter and also offer nature reserves.You can also snorkel by renting equipment at low cost and having a great time with your family, partner or friends.


There are different cruise companies that take you on a walk along the coast of the islands, either for the day or part-time. During the tour you can admire the bays around La Valletta. The boats depart from the dock of Bugibba or Sliema.

Blue Lagoon - Steve Allen

Another option is sailing in Malta. Several centers rent boats, especially in Sliema and Paceville. You can even take an accelerated course to drive yourself!

Horses and bicycles

To be able to enjoy the terrestrial beauties of Malta nothing better than a horse or bicycle ride. Local companies organize this type of tours for tourists. With no mountains or traffic, visitors can take advantage of these means of transport to explore the surroundings. An activity for young and old!

Valletta - Nadja1


Another excellent way to get to know a destination in depth is trekking or hiking. If you are a lover of this sport, you We advise you to go to Comino Island, while small, has excellent roads and interesting walking routes.

Comino Island - Tyler Olson

The cliffs of Malta and Gozo also offer their walking tours. Keep in mind that in summer the sun can be very strong for this type of effort. Nothing that is not resolved with proper clothing, sunscreen and lots of water!

"Blessed is he who entertains paths in the fields, and retires in the mountains."

-Guillén de Castro-

And the story?

It does not go unnoticed in Malta. You can visit the Ggantija, Tarxien and Hagar Qim temples, They are located in Gozo and are between 4500 and 6000 years old. These religious manifestations are Unesco's heritage.

Ggantija Temple - Angelo Giampiccolo

The remains of human beings have been found in the caves of Ghar Dalam that inhabited the area millions of years ago, as well as certain animals such as hippos and elephants.

To what do you want to go for a walk to Malta few days? You will not regret!