China has a Gate to Heaven

The vastness of the territory of China offers really fascinating places. Undoubtedly, one of them is the Gate to Heaven, which has become one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country in recent years.

What is the Door to Heaven?

It is a huge open hole in the mountain of Tanmen Shan. A cavity that reaches 131 meters high, exceeds 50 meters wide and develops along a depth of 60 meters.

"Heaven, hell and the whole world is among us."

-Henry F. Amiel »-

A whim of nature for which there is no room for the manic phrase "open since time immemorial", since there is historical record of when this impressive place was formed.

Specifically happened in the year 263, when in the great cave that there was an immense collapse of rocks, leaving the place uncovered but creating the current hollow in the mountains, whose size makes it appreciable from many kilometers away.

Door to Heaven - Calvin Chan

The Gate to Heaven inside Tianmen National Park

This place is integrated into Tianmen National Park and the nearest town is Zhangjiajie, located in the valley of the Yangtze River, within the province of Hunan.

This city is the starting point of the excursion that will take us to the Gate to Heaven. The displacement itself is part of the attraction of the place, just 8 kilometers separate us in a straight line, but traveling them is an adventure.

Zhangjiajie Park - Pavel Potseluev

By road to the Gate to Heaven

To save the distance from the city to the mountain it was decided to build a rugged road of horseshoe and ascending curves not suitable for people suffering from vertigo.

To get an idea of ​​its route, it is enough to know that in its 10 kilometers of travel, 8 years of work were invested, given the rugged terrain and the harsh climatic conditions of the winters in the region. In fact, currently the road remains closed to traffic during the colder months, since the usual presence of ice must be added to its danger.

Road in Tiananmen - Kundech

Ascending by cable car to Tianmen Mountain

Instead, what remains open all year is the cable car that leads to the summit of the mountain. It is one of the longest cable cars in the world with almost 7.5 km of flight and undoubtedly one of the most spectacular for the steep slope that rises with a tilt of 37 degrees.

That is, if the road is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo, it goes without saying that the cable car is even worse, since literally the mountains fly over in a glazed cabin.

But for everyone who doesn't have that problem it's an exciting journey, in which one goes all the time speechless, dwarfed at the shapes of these mountain landscapes. And the adventure is not over here.

Cable car in Tiananmen - SIHASAKPRACHUM

Trails over the cliffs of Tianmen

The cable car leaves travelers in the upper area of ​​the mountain. From there, trails leave through the area, some of which are totally artificial and created for tourists. Some of its sections are literally hung over the cliffs. Y so that the sensation is more shocking, you walk on sheets of transparent glass on the vacuum.

The feeling is incredible and also the reward. Walking around there you reach a temple built in the days of the Tang Dynasty and logically you get down to the base of the Gate to Heaven itself.

Glazed trail - vichie81

The ascension to the Gate to Heaven

After that descent the walkers end up in the lower zone of the natural hollow. If you decide to go through the famous Gate to Heaven, who will refuse to do it once we have reached here? it is necessary to climb 999 steps created in the rock.

A tiring climb, but the number of steps is not chosen at random, since 9 is a symbol of good luck in Chinese popular beliefs. further once the stairway is finished, it is possible to cross the door and look at the other side of the mountain.

The vision that has something magical. And of course the experience is unforgettable and captivates everyone who comes to the end.

Video: The Tianmen Mountains, Heaven's Gate and Glass Skywalk 天门山 (February 2020).