3 cities where the old and the modern come together

The preserved remains of ancient civilizations show the splendor of their past and in many cities they blend with the needs of modern life. Because you can find architectural riches from other times hidden among some more recent buildings.

The combination of cultures and treasures has given these cities a certain halo of mystery and sophistication and, therefore, it has placed them in the center of interest of numerous visitors.

1. Jerusalem, modern and devoted

Temple of the Mountain, Jerusalem - VanderWolf Images

The history of Jerusalem is very long and it is one of the first metropolises created by humanity. Its uprising goes back to the times of the tribe of the Jebusites, long before being inhabited by the Hebrews.

This population has been considered sacred territory for centuries according to the beliefs of the three major religions of the planet: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The so-called Old City consists of only one kilometer but houses buildings of more than 3000 years, among which the Western Wall and the Mount of Sion stand out.

Modern Jerusalem - kavram

But beyond its numerous sacrosanct spaces, This urban center has modern buildings such as the Rockefeller Museum of Archeology, the largest and most sophisticated in the city, or the Bloomfield Science Museum, which houses exhibits related to technological and scientific phenomena.

For its part, The Rise of Time is an attraction designed exclusively for children to learn more about the city's long history. The smallest of the house will also enjoy visiting the University Gardens as well as the Tisch or Biblical Zoo. Both offer spectacular landscapes surrounded by abundant exotic plants and small lakes.

As far as the political section is concerned, The Parliament was built in the middle of the 20th century, it is located in the Knesset district and can be visited with the help of a local guide.

2. Athens, a meeting between the new and the old

Acropolis, Athens - S. Borisov

Traveling to Athens is meeting face to face with the beginnings of philosophy, of social organization and Western thought. The Greek capital still retains some of its ancient spirit thanks to its archaeological treasures and its ruins.

«Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of the arts and eloquence»

-John Milton-

The Acropolis is a mandatory stop for every tourist. The majesty of the Parthenon and the spectacular portico, supported by the beautiful figures of the Caryatids, makes your visit an unforgettable moment.

At the foot of this amazing mountain is Plaka, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the town, since its creation dates from the Byzantine era. There Monastiraki is housed, an immense square from which the endless Ermou street starts, full of establishments where classic style products of all kinds are sold.

Lycabettus Theater, Athens - Milan Gonda

The Constitution Square, also known as Syntagma Square is the core of the most current city. There is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, constantly honored by a group of Greek soldiers. It is very interesting to visualize the changing of the guard they practice every hour.

On one of the sides of this esplanade is the Parliament and behind it the extensive National Gardens. To go out at night it is advisable to walk through the Gazi district where they have recently opened some of the coolest and most modern pubs in the town.

3. Istanbul, city of historical contrast

Istanbul - Sufi

The list of monuments and wonders that this city has is so extensive that nine of them have been declared World Heritage Sites. Much of the charm of old Istanbul is in its historic center, in the Sultanahmet district. There are some of the most unforgettable Turkish buildings.

Two impressive mosques stand out in the old city area. The Blue Mosque gives its name to the neighborhood and owes its name to the characteristic decoration of both its interior and its domes. Santa Sofía is located in front of it, which was inaugurated in the year 360 as an Orthodox basilica, which makes it one of the best still existing examples of Byzantine culture.

Modern city of Istanbul - Vitaly Titov & Maria Sidelnikova

On the European edge of the metropolis is Taksim Square that forms the heart of the city. It is located in the Beyoglu neighborhood and is surrounded by the most current sector of Istanbul.

From it leave long streets full of restaurants and shops of western style. It is the perfect place to buy fashion items since it is the enclave of luxurious international brands. It is also the right place to listen to live music while enjoying the taste of a traditional shisha.

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