Get to know the Jewish quarter of Córdoba

The Jewish quarter of Córdoba is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful preserved in Spain and all over the planet. A vestige of the great Andalusian city that still maintains all the charm of yesteryear and in which the visitor can live a magnificent experience feeling transported to past times.

As its name indicates, the Jewish quarter of Córdoba is located in the heart of the city, in the area where the Jews once lived. This fact had its greatest height from the tenth to the fifteenth century, a time when the area also inhabited large numbers of Christians and Muslims.

Location of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba

As we have said, the Jewish quarter of Córdoba is located in the heart of the city, and it can be found between Tomás Conde, Almanzor, Jewish, Deanes, Romero and Manríquez streets. Although any visitor who approaches this land can ask for it to the inhabitants of the area, since everyone knows perfectly where it is.

Further, this area of ​​the historic center of Córdoba It is considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, a fact that is not surprising, since in its streets you can glimpse, in addition to the Jewish quarter, wonders such as the Cathedral Mosque, the Synagogue, the Bullfighting Museum, the Souk, the Tiberias square or the house of Sepharad.

Calleja de las Flores - Jose Bodalo /

History of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba

The history of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba is closely linked to that of the city. There was a time of splendor, in the middle of the Middle Ages, in which three cultures as different as Christian, Muslim and Jewish were able to live in a common space, although well differentiated, but always in a peaceful environment.

In addition, one of the most important doctors and philosophers in the history of the city, Maimonides, was born in the streets of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba. He has a great presence in the place with a beautiful statue in his honor, sculpted in bronze, and that can be glimpsed in the Jewish Street.

Maimonides had a clear mind ahead of his time. A great humanist who rejected the dogmas of faith followed with blindness and fanaticism, a fact that he considered completely nullifying freedom of thought. He was a great seeker of the great truths of the human being, putting knowledge and reason first and foremost to make man better.

«Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; you teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. »


The Jews did not have great problems to live under the laws of Islam, giving rise to a great culture of the city of Cordoba. Under the rule of the Umayyad dynasty, Al-Andalus enjoyed a formidable status of freedom, culture and ethnic variety.

Dozens of writings of historians of the time have come to this day highlighting the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, Córdoba, as a place of great artistic, cultural and commercial activity, unique throughout Europe, done this that was admired by the great minds of his time.

Great philosophers, thinkers, poets and men of science were born from the streets of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba and throughout the city, who were protected by the patrons of the Umayyad court, in whose palaces and mosques they resided and exercised their profession regardless of religion. Examples of this are the aforementioned doctor Maimonides or the famous Averroes.

Statue of Averroes - Luisma Tapia

The Jewish quarter of Córdoba today

Fortunately, the Jewish quarter of Córdoba today still retains a good part of its past greatness. Its narrow cobbled streets are meandered by excellent places to enjoy delicious tapas such as Salmorejo Cordoba or flamenquines. And next to them, places of interest such as the aforementioned and small craft shops in which to buy souvenirs and all kinds of objects that remind of the magnificent Andalusian city.

Streets of the Jewish quarter - Indra Galbo /

If you have the opportunity to stroll through the magnificent streets of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba do not miss it. A magnificent place to enjoy the bright history of the city, the best gastronomy on earth and one of the places with a past, present and most splendid future in the world.

By the way, observe the beautiful cordobes patios adorned With elegance and preciousness. They are unique.