The 6 best things to do in Munich

Located in southern Germany, Munich welcomes us with hundreds of activities to enjoy. The capital of Bavaria is known for its Oktober Fest and because according to legend the devil himself left his mark at the entrance of the cathedral. Get ready for a wonderful stay in a city with aroma and taste of beer!

Things to do in Munich

With such a presentation, you are already thinking about how to plan a few days in this picturesque German city. Here we offer you the best things to do in Munich:

1. Upload the Sankt Peter Church

Church of Sankt Peter - ArTono

It will cost you 2 euros ... and 299 steps! Do not worry, you can make some intermediate stop taking care not to obstruct other tourists.

The truth is that it is worth every one of the movements that make your feet and knees. From the top you will see practically the whole city but especially the main square. Do you have the camera ready?

2. Compare your foot with the devil's

Munich Cathedral - Jorg Hackemann

That was no joke! The footprint of Lucifer is at the entrance of the cathedral of Our Lady of Munich. Y we can compare our foot with that footprint that, according to legend, the devil has left. It is not known very well what the evil one would be doing for that city but it is something that attracts the attention without doubts. Nor do we know for sure what happens if someone fits perfectly with the brand!

Learning a little history about this construction is worth saying that It was almost completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt years later. Fortunately, it still has fifteenth-century pieces.

3. Drink and eat at Hofbrauhaus

Hofbrauhaus - tichr /

Going to Munich and not having a beer is the same as not having stepped on Bavarian lands. And if you don't like it ... then pretend it is! This traditional brewery is very popular and you probably don't get a seat (much less table), but also worth a walk around its facilities.

Even if you don't feel like drinking anything, at least you can take a picture with the waiters dressed in a typical way (the female costume is called dirndl and the masculine lederhosen). There are live music shows and the atmosphere, if you weren't clear, is partying.

4. Have fun in the English garden

Yes, english. Even if you are in Germany. Englischer Garten is the largest park in Munich and one of the largest in the world ... See if it's worth knowing! It is located in the center of the city and is accessed by any public transport.

In addition to his name, the fact that there you can surf! As you are reading. In one of the areas of the Eisbach river there is a corner with a wave of 1 meter high. Perfect for experts with the table.

«We like to drink the unique beer of Munich. Carnival and Oktoberfest, two things to do. We like to celebrate the small and the great. Long live Bavaria! »

- Fragments of the song «Viva Bavaria» sung at the Oktoberfest -

5. Listen to the Munich Opera

Munich Opera House - Kyrien

And since we are talking about music ... nothing better than witnessing an opera in a building twice collapsed and rebuilt. The first time because of a fire and the second because of the war. This building It has one of the best programming even for those who are not very knowledgeable about classical music.

Prices may not be too affordable (between 50 and 250 euros) but it is worth paying for a ticket. If your money is not enough or you are not very enthusiastic about this musical genre, at least take a look around the entrance. Its construction is beautiful.

6. Stroll through the Olympic Park

Olympic Park - Dmitry V. Petrenko

That's where the 1972 Olympic Games and some 1974 World Cup matches were held. Currently there is a fair and a street market that will make you travel a few years in time. You can also climb the Olympic tower (for 5.50 euros) and enjoy wonderful views of the park from the highest structure in the region.

If you want to visit the Stadium you will have to pay admission. And you can continue touring the place until you reach the monument to those killed during the famous attack during competitions.

And finally… . You can not miss the site where the beer festival takes place between September and October (even if you don't go at that time). Without a doubt, Munich has a lot to offer ... enjoy everything you can during your trip!

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