5 secrets to find your ideal destination

Are you one of those who enjoy contemplating ancient works of art in museums or prefer to spend an afternoon with friends having a drink under an umbrella on a paradise beach full of peace and harmony? Do you like shopping centers or your hobbies are more inclined towards sports? Whatever your preferences, the world is a huge place full of possibilities.

We reveal the secrets that will help you find a destination that fits your needs.

Budget and dates

Low season

Organizing the holiday budget is an arduous task. Regularly checking prices and comparing on multiple web portals and agencies is the key to determine which location best suits our budget.

When traveling by plane, prices fluctuate according to the ups and downs of the demand for tickets and also according to the destination to visit. Experts say that reservations should be made about 3 months before embarking.

Bora Bora - senai aksoy

But flight deals are not the only advantage, the low season is the time of year when prices decrease, which makes it ideal for finding hotels at low prices and practically empty tourist spaces. Therefore, there are many who decide not to limit their vacation periods to the summer stage.



Rest and disconnect, giving yourself during leisure time to relax or to participate in recreational and leisure activities,It is vital to reduce mental and physical stress to which we are subjected day by day.

"On a good holiday you have nothing to do and you have all day to do it."

-Robert Orben-

This type of tourism can be extremely useful, as it helps to overcome the negativity that ends up accumulating day by day while promoting personal motivation. Today, the resorts offer the possibility of undergoing massages and beauty treatments and invite the traveler to tour their spas and spas.

Halkidiki, Greece - Aleksandar Todorovic

On the other hand, there are many who prefer to relax and enjoy their free time going to the beach, taking a bath and listening to the beating of the waves of the sea while they bite something in a nearby beach bar.

There are those who are more attracted to the mountains and mountainous landscapes. Thanks to them, activities such as hiking, picnics in the middle of nature and other recreational activities in these environments have begun to be exploited.

All these types are part of the well-known rest tourism.


The so-called historical or cultural tourism has more and more followers. It consists of living for short stays but very well used in a previously selected destination.

During these periods, the visitor goes to all kinds of sites, goes through museums, plazas and even emblematic commercial galleries; contemplate art pieces, statues and monuments.

Vittorio Emanuelle Gallery, Milan - Oscity

Animal lovers will opt for the possibility offered by expeditions through sanctuaries and nature reserves or even for photographic safaris.

Understand the story and obtaining knowledge of all kinds are the maximum of those who go to the spaces declared World Heritage or of tourist interest. They travel through cities, municipalities and even entire countries following their guides in search of the cultural value of each area.


Sports tourism, also called active, is a modality that offers the possibility of practicing a physical activity. Diving, trekking, hiking or climbing are some of the modalities performed by those who opt for this type of tourism.

Hikers - TDway

But There is another possibility, traveling simply in order to attend a sporting event. This is, for example, the case of important football matches, the great Formula 1 Awards or the Olympic Games. All of them mobilize millions of enthusiasts who yearn to witness the exploits of their teams.


Cold or hot

At first, the matter of the choice of temperature may seem a minor problem since we are only going to spend a few days at our chosen destination. But nevertheless, a large part of the tourists end up having bad times and being in disgust due to the inconvenience of the weather. Hot flashes caused by heat, daily cold or even high levels of humidity in the environment are the main causes of these problems.

Alaska - akphotoc

Before choosing a destination you have to know very well what you are looking for. Those who do not hesitate to take advantage of the ice, wind and snow will want to know the spectacular and icy landscapes of Antarctica, Lapland or Alaska. For their part, lovers of warm weather can not miss the opportunity to lie on the shores of the white beaches of the Dominican Republic, Cuba or Varadero.

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