The 9 best free things to do in Paris

Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world, its magic and romanticism have no comparison. Therefore, any excuse is valid to visit it. Now it is also known that It is one of the most expensive cities, so today we bring you some of the free things to do in Paris, so you can enjoy the city without leaving your wallet empty.

It may seem surprising, but You don't need a big budget to enjoy and get to know Paris. You can resort to cheaper options in terms of tickets and lodging and combine it with free activities that allow you to enjoy magical corners of the city.

1. The streets of Paris

Alexander III Bridge - King Tut

Walk freely through the streets of Paris it is a spectacular experience. Its ancient architecture, cobbled streets, small outdoor cafes and the view towards the Eiffel Tower are a complete delight to behold.

You will enjoy the local culture at its best and you can enjoy its refined and spectacular architecture. If you feel like it, you can rest a little in a variety of cozy and romantic cafes at quite cheap prices.

2. The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower - Samot

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, so visiting it is almost mandatory. Of course, if you want to climb to the top you will have to pay, but If it is not the first time that you visit the city or you do not like heights it is preferable that you enjoy contemplating it from below.The view is spectacular and you can take wonderful pictures.

3. “Je T'aime”

Wall Je T'aime - Genia

Paris is the city of love, you will feel drunk by this feeling in every street and corner you travel. However, there is a very special place you can go to and that is completely free. This is the «Je T'aime» wall, located behind the Abbesses subway exit. What is special about this wall? What has written the word "I love you" in more than 50 languages and also always adorned with beautiful flowers. It is a site that you should definitely know.

4. Get to know India

Yes, as you read it, you can meet a little piece of India in Paris. It is an area located between the Gare du Nord and the Puerta de La Chapelle where you can enjoy all kinds of colorful shops and restaurants belonging to this culture.

5. The narrowest street

A very fun and cheap option is to look for all those curiosities that very few people have discovered. Do you want an example? The narrowest street in all of Paris, its name is «The Rue du Chat qui Pêche ».

«Paris responds to everything the heart desires. You can have fun, get bored, laugh, cry or do whatever you want without attracting attention, since thousands of people do the same ... and each one as you want. »

-Frédéric Chopin-

6. The kilometer zero

Another of the free things to do in Paris is to locate and know the kilometer zero. The kilometer zero is a bronze plaque that is embedded in the star-shaped ground.It is located a few meters from the Notre Dame square and symbolizes the point from which the distance of any place in France from Paris is measured.

7. Museums

Louvre Museum - Maziarz

If you go to Paris you can not stop visiting even if it is a museum, so we bring you some tricks so that that visit comes out completely free. To start, if you are a student of the European Union and you are under 26 years old you can enter any museum for free national.

If this is not your case, do not worry, since the first Sunday of each month the entrance to the museums of Paris is free. In addition, you can search which are the museums of the city with permanent exhibitions, since in this case, the entrance is also free.

8. Visit the cemeteries

Pere Lachaise Cemetery - Zvonimir Atletic

Yes, It is a good alternative to meet another side of Paris. You will discover places full of legends and stories and you will know the place where great personalities are buried.

In Pere-Lachaise's you will find the tomb of Oscar Wilde, Molière, Chopin or Jim Morrison, among others. In Montparnasse's, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir are buried together, and characters like Samuel Beckett or Julio Cortázar also rest.

9. Parc de Belleville

Belleville Park - akphotoc

Go up to the Parc de Belleville and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, not in vain is the highest place in Paris.

Paris It is one of the most charming and magical cities and to know it you don't have to leave your entire budget. With a little imagination you can discover the most romantic and emblematic corners of this city without ruining you. Would you add other free things to do in Paris?

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