Cadaqués, a town that inspired Dalí

Cadaqués is one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa Brava, Catalonia and all of Spain. It is not strange, therefore, to inspire the great painter and artist Salvador Dalí, the greatest national exponent of surrealism and creator with his own and sweeping personality.

How is Cadaqués?

If you think of Cadaqués, it may not call your attention especially. A small fishing village of Upper Ampurdán, almost bordering with France, and isolated between the Cap de Creus and the Peni mountains. However, both who has been in it and those who have seen it in photographs, argue that It is a truly spectacular enclave.

Further, Cadaqués is world famous for hosting the house where the great Salvador Dalí lived years ago for a good part of its existence. Today you can visit your home, a few kilometers from the town center, located in Portlligat.

But there are more attractions that make Cadaqués a magical place. For example, its plethora of small white houses give the people an image of fantasy taken from the last century or from some account of Arabian Nights.

Cadaqués - marlee

And if what you like is good gastronomy, you will also find in Cadaqués a unique place to taste a delicious rice from the area that can be watered with the typical wines of the Ampurdán lands, with strong flavors that leave no one indifferent.

Cadaqués has become an idyllic environment thanks to the care and care of its people, always friendly and hospitable. The beautiful fishing port, the beaches, which offer fantastic sunsets with the reflection of the sun on the sea and white houses, the always clean and flirtatious streets or the walks near the sea have transformed the population into an ideal destination for couples and romantics .

Dalí's work

If you like the art and great work of Salvador Dalí, it is clear that Cadaqués is a mandatory destination. From this town on the Costa Brava you can:

  • Approach Portlligat, about 5 kilometers from Cadaqués. There you can access what was his house and workshop for years, which over time became a work of art that is well worth a visit today.
  • As well you can go to Figueras, Dalí's motherland, and place where he was born. Today it houses the museum dedicated to the work of the great Catalan painter. It is located just 30 kilometers from Cadaqués, so it is worth taking a break and enjoy this exciting and surreal place.
Dalí Museum, Figueras - Denis Larkin

Dalí House-Museum

If you are going to visit Cadaqués, an experience that we recommend without a doubt, you have to make a hole in your agenda to get closer to the Dalí House-Museum, a few kilometers away, located in Portlligat, and a true pilgrimage site for lovers of surrealism and art.

Dalí transformed a group of barracks once inhabited by fishermen to make it their largest center of pictorial production and place of residence for 40 years With the passage of time he created a magical space full of furniture and items that the great artist was collecting throughout his life to form an area as extravagant as absorbent.

«I have always lived learning from my aesthetic teacher that is Cadaqués, and it is difficult, because Cadaqués speaks very little, but when he speaks, he speaks in Greek.»

-Salvador Dali-

Cadaqués, a town with art

The influence of Salvador Dalí in Cadaqués and the beauty of its coves and corners have made over the years that some of the most influential artists in history will end up residing in the Girona town of Alto Ampurdán.

Among the most influential names that have had good times in Cadaqués, making his name resonate throughout the world, we can highlight great painters such as Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Josep Tharrats or Antoni Titxot.

Costa Brava - Toniflap

Noting the wonderful beauty of the town of Cadaqués, it is not surprising that it has served as an inspiration for dozens of artists in recent years. Few places retain the magical, romantic and attractive charm like this small town in Girona, Alto Ampurdán, despite the abuse of excessive tourism and the passage of time.

So, it is clear that Dalí's footprint shows a lot on the coast of Cadaqués. But the fishing village itself has served to attract this and other greats from the world scene, so it has earned in its own right to be one of the most beautiful towns in Catalonia and Spain.