4 medications that you have to take to every trip

Traveling abroad is usually a fun experience but slight discomfort can turn it into a real agony. Something as common as a headache or an indisposition can play tricks on us.

Preparing a small medicine cabinet can help us overcome these situations and avoid the need to go to a local medical center. Whatever the place we are going to, we should put in our suitcase certain basic products to be able to alleviate our discomfort and get rid of uncomfortable moments.

It is the most used drugs both at home and during a trip. Painkillers have been created with the aim of alleviating pain of all kinds in an effective way, which makes them an essential part of our medicine cabinet.

Are especially useful against possible migraines, joint aches, muscle and dental ailments. In fact, some of them, such as aspirin, can help fight other types of problems such as the so-called "tourist class syndrome", improving the blood flow of those who suffer immediately.

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For its part, anti-inflammatories, as the name implies, rapidly reduce the processes of body inflammation and fever. They contribute to the restoration of trauma, blows, bruises and sprains if they are applied locally in their topical format as a gel or ointment.

Nausea, vomiting and indisposition are very common in trips to exotic places due to the difficulty for many to adapt to dietary and environmental changes. Carrying an antidiarrheal with us will prevent us from going through cumbersome and unpleasant situations.

Conversely, there are many who suffer from occasional constipation due to the stress that is generated during vacation periods. There are many over-the-counter laxatives that favor the reduction of this disorder.

"The best health has a limit."

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In relation to the stomach state, native foods can be heavy so, it would also be appropriate to include acidity medications in our luggage. These types of irritations are caused by gastric acid when it gets into the esophagus. Taking an antacid before or after meals will relieve discomfort.

But changes in our diet can also generate gas accumulation. We can find pills against this intestinal disorder in any pharmacy. Last but not least, oral serum sachets will contribute to the improvement of our digestive system and prevent us from becoming dehydrated.

A sunscreen with a factor greater than 30 is ideal for the prevention of burns both adults and children. Its use will be necessary in the countryside, on the beach and in the mountains.

The application of this lotion on the skin It will hinder the harmful ultraviolet rays preventing them from causing damage to our skin. If we are going to spend a lot of time doing aquatic activities or simply outdoors under the direct exposure of the king star, it is advisable to repeat the administration of the tonic on the skin every half an hour and to maximize the prevention by using umbrellas, hat and sunglasses.

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If possible, its use should be complemented with that of an after-sun cream that relieves and repairs our dermis. Do not forget to attend to our lips, as they are a part of the body that has a special tendency to suffer UV rays. Benefiting from the use of lip protectors, whether petroleum jelly or cocoa, will keep them healthy, soft and unharmed.

Preparing a homemade medicine cabinet that houses medicines of all kinds is especially important if we plan to carry out a trip through exotic places. Then, we must not forget to bring a powerful insect repellent to avoid possible bites, as well as an antihistamine that acts as a blocker against possible allergic reactions.

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Mosquitoes and other insects tend to become a real hindrance to tourists, taking these drugs can help us avoid problems and discomfort caused by pecks and bites quickly and efficiently.

It is advisable to always carry with us a repellent for soft skin or based on natural extracts. If we add to it the use of a small mosquito net during the night we will avoid the inconvenience of the bites.

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