The 5 best things to do in Tenerife

Do nothing or go from here to there? That is one of the questions we usually ask ourselves when we are organizing vacations. If your idea is to know Tenerife, you must know that it offers you many activities to choose from. You can lie in the sun or enjoy its paradisiacal landscapes. What do you choose?

What to do in Tenerife

The beautiful Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands and offers thousands of activities to do in our stay. You can enjoy nature, cultural activities, carnival and various sports. Also know its gastronomy, its trails and its customs. You sign up?

1. Tour the Teide National Park

Cañadas del Teide - Ales Liska

If you like mountaineering this place is special for you. The maximum elevation is the volcano that gives its name to the reserve, the Teide. Do you know how tall he is? No less than 3,718 meters high! With that mark we are not surprised that it is the highest peak in the whole country.

To access to the top, the route is of high difficulty and the route takes about six hours. Night excursions are organized to see the stars much more closely than usual. Remember to ask permission to climb to the top of Teide, it's free.

Don't you dare to walk so much? No problem! You can also opt for the cable car, It works from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon and has a cost of 27 euros (round trip). To reach it you can go by car enjoying a beautiful road.

2. Lying in the sun on the beach

Los Cristianos beach - lorenzobovi

Of course, go to the island of Tenerife is synonymous with beaches, transparent sea and much tan! Las Teresitas beach is one of the most popular and is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. An extremely curious fact, until 1973 it had black sand but it was rebuilt with imported sand ... from the Sahara!

It is a very nice place to go with family. The kids will have a great time because it has a breakwater dike more than fun.

The other three recommended beaches in Tenerife are Bollullo, Ancon and Los Patos. These have "original" black sand and are really beautiful. The first is the only one that has a bar, in case you want to buy something to eat. For the others ... fill your bag well!

«Tenerife that yearning, when I think about the loves that I hid in your hope.»

- Letter from “Tenerife” by Braulio -

3. Be amazed at Los Gigantes

Cliff of the Giants - Cristian Zamfir

The Cliff of the Giants is one of the most wonderful landscapes in the Canary Islands. At the time the ancient settlers called guanches resided, it was known as "the wall of hell." What are you sure you can imagine why? Its walls can reach 600 meters high!

In this area you can perform a good amount of sports. From diving to kayaking, the options are for all tastes. You can not miss the boat trip to see dolphins. Services depart from the port of Los Gigantes at different times of the day.

Are you going to travel to Tenerife with your partner? So it reaches Punta del Teno a little before sunset. You will have spectacular views of La Gomera and, above all, a perfect panorama of the sunset ... ideal for being hugged with the person you love.

4. Stroll through Masca

Masca - Kevin Eaves

Not everything is beach, mountains and cliffs in Tenerife. As well there are very picturesque villages that are worth traveling. One of them is Masca, there you will have the opportunity to taste typical dishes such as chicken salmorejo. Most restaurants have terraces overlooking the sea.

5. Go for guachinches

You cannot leave Tenerife without eating in one of the restaurants that offer typical dishes in a family atmosphere. They are really affordable and the food is delicious. Some of the options are the escaldón, the wrinkled potatoes and the meat in party. Which one will you order first?

These are some of the typical activities that can be done in Tenerife. If you are going to travel 3 or 4 days you hardly have to plan anything else.

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