6 books that will make you travel to Latin American countries

It is said that there is no better way to know a place and its history than traveling, but for those who cannot do it as often as we would like there is another option: read. There are some writers who have an almost magical ability to move us to the place they describe and make us feel that we are there in body and soul.

There are other ways of knowing the countries and it is through readingFor that reason we bring an interesting collection of books that will make you travel to Latin American countries without having to leave home. Do you dare to make this trip with us?

"The fortunate finding of a good book can change the destiny of a soul."

-Marcel Prévost-

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1. Like water for Chocolate

This novel written by Laura Esquivel takes us to the time of the Mexican revolution. Like water for Chocolate He tells us the story of Tita, the youngest of three sisters, who is condemned to take care of her mother while secretly having meetings with her great love and childhood friend, Pedro.

Old ranch in Mexico - Jim Feliciano

The novel takes us not only to an era, but also teaches us everything about cooking and typical Mexican recipes, a fundamental part of the plot. It was listed as one of the 100 best Spanish novels of the twentieth century.

2. Miss Barbara

It is a Venezuelan novel written by Romulo Gallegos. By reading it we can feel moved to the Venezuelan plains, which is where the plot of Miss Barbara.

Roraima Tepui, Venezuela - ANDRE DIB

The story of Miss Barbara it takes place in the plains of Apure of Venezuela. The protagonist is a beautiful woman who by a traumatic past became a despotic landowner, capable of even abandoning her own daughter, seducing men at will and managing all the people of the town at her will.

At a certain moment, she is attracted to a lawyer named Santos Luzardo, but then finds out that her daughter is her love rival, so unscrupulous she intends to destroy them. Since the appearance of Miss Barbara in 1929, The novel has been reprinted more than 40 times and translated into several languages.

3. One hundred years of loneliness

One hundred years of loneliness it is the most important work of 20th century Hispanic American literatureand Gabriel García Márquez is the genius behind this magnificent work.

Lost City, Colombia - Jenny Leonard

Macondo is a fictional town in the Colombian jungle in which the history of the Buendía family is developedEven so, reading it is knowing all the details, colors and flavors of a country and a region. One hundred years of war, foreign incursion, love and passion of the Buendía family is what Gabriel García Márquez masterfully recounts in this great work.

Latin America and its books

4. Where are the singers from

Where are the singers from It is a book by the writer Severo Sarduy that goes back to the mix of Cuban culture. A country of contrasts where diverse cultures converge: Spanish, African and Chinese.

Havana, Cuba - lazyllama

The writer analyzes cosmopolitan Cuba through different stories: La Dolores Rondón, Cuban curriculum, next to the river of ashes of rose Y The Entry of Christ in Havana.

5. Legends of Guatemala

Mayan pyramid, Guatemala - underworld

Reading this wonderful book you will discover and learn much more about the legends and rites of the Mayan culture, as well as the influence that the Spanish conquest exerted on its culture. The Nobel Prize winner Miguel Ángel Asturias is responsible for transporting us through time and showing us the rich and ancient Mayan wealth in all its splendor.

6. The House of Spirits

This is the most important work of Chilean writer Isabel Allende. The House of Spirits It tells the story of a family throughout four generations through the political and social movements of the post-colonial chila.

Santa Lucia Hill, Santiago, Chile - Hugo Brizard

Latin America is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions. We can know much more about all these wonderful countries through their literature. In addition to reading a good book, you will learn history and culture, all without having to leave home. Can you ask for something better?

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