The Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria and its secrets

Join us on this trip to one of the most incredible corners of the Spanish geography. We refer to Faro del Caballo in Cantabria, a magical place full of secrets which offers stunning views of the Cantabrian Sea.

To be exact and concrete we must say that the Faro del Caballo in Cantabria is located right in the beautiful town of Santoña, famous for its excellent coasts and magnificent anchovies, unique in the world for its incredible flavor.

We continue to specify the location of the Lighthouse of the Horse and in this case we talk about Mount Buciero, a steep and rough terrain of the coast that causes access to this peculiar architecture is really difficult, since to get there you have to do it going down a narrow stairway of more than 680 steps. However, the effort is really worth it.

Faro del Caballo - Jose Luis Lopez /

However, it is not the only access to reach the walls of the Faro del Caballo in Cantabria. Intended for access by sailors arriving by ship, there is a stairway of more than 100 steps to climb from the coast. Of course, it is in this case the Cantabrian Sea who will give his final judgment, since at high tide, this structure disappears under the sway of the waves.

How is the Faro del Caballo in Cantabria

Let's see below some details of this unique Cantabrian structure. The Faro del Caballo is built with a facade based on masonry and masonry revoked. In addition, it is divided into a pair of blocks, of which the first was intended for the housing of the person in charge of the proper functioning of the structure, that is, the lighthouse keeper.

As usually happens, the Faro del Caballo in Cantabria has a cylindrical shape, crowned by a large glazed lantern under the spherical cover. Inside, a narrow corridor leads to the top, about 24 meters above sea level.

Faro del Caballo - Raúl Hernández González /

History of the Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria

The history of the Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria consists of more than 150 years since this spectacular building was built. In fact, its operation and commissioning took place in the distant August 31, 1863 and it was at full capacity until 1993, at which time the activity ceased due to the complexity to access it.

It's funny that, today, It is the only lighthouse that remains inactive as such throughout the region. However, he has found a new life as a pilgrimage center for the bravest hikers and adventurers, who approach the steep cliffs of Mount Buciero to admire this fantastic Cantabrian work.

Another curiosity,the irregular staircase that allows you to go down to the lighthouse was built many years ago by the prisoners of the Dueso prison, very close to the place. Difficult work for those deprived of liberty that today serves us to be able to access a beautiful corner of Santoña.

«Oh dream of happiness! Is this really the lighthouse tower that I see? Is this the hill? Is this the church? Is this my own country, mine?"

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge-

Access to the Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria

Thus, access to the Faro del Caballo in Cantabria on foot is an adventure reserved for the most daring. Crossing the roads that lead to him, you can enjoy impressive and deep cliffs seasoned with strong defenses that once served for the maritime defense of the place.

However, the audacity of accessing the Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria is worth it, because the 40-minute journey to reach the structure through the 682 steps is really spectacular due to the impressive views.

Stairs to Faro el Caballo - Sergio Gutierrez Getino

And if your thing is pure nature, always you can follow your route from the Faro del Caballo to the Protected Space of the Santoña Marsh Natural Reserve, Victoria and Joyel, a beautiful place full of migratory birds, whose unique species you can only see in that area.

But if your thing is to sail the seas on sailing or motor boats, You can also access the Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria along the coast. We already said that there is a staircase of 111 steps to follow this route, so you can join the many ships that decide to reach this picturesque place sailing through the waters of Santoña.

Santoña Coast - José Antonio Larrasoaña

So, don't forget that In Santoña you have one of the most magical corners of the north coast of Spain. The Lighthouse of the Horse in Cantabria well deserves the effort of every visitor to enjoy its impressive views in its imperial location.

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