5 essential places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a fascinating city for many reasons. Its architecture. For its urban layout of streets, bridges and canals. For its intense cultural life with many exhibitions and concerts. For its libertine nightlife. And, above all, for the kindness of its inhabitants that make the visit to this city extremely pleasant.

There are many attractions that the Dutch capital has but, as usual we travel over time, here We will make a selection with the five essential places to visit in Amsterdam.

1. The Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum - Shahid Khan

It is the main museum in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands. Here you can contemplate much of the history of European painting, but especially the work of the great flamenco artists who worked between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Masterpieces of creators such as Rembrandt, Vermeer de Delft or Franz Hals are exhibited, along with many other artists of interest from some older ones such as Jan Mostaert, Lucas van Leyden or Jacob Ruysdael.

In short, a visit to the Rijksmuseum is essential for all art lovers traveling to Amsterdam. And if they want They can complement it by entering other important museums, such as the one dedicated to Van Gogh, another of the great artists that the Netherlands has given.

2. The Dam Square in Amsterdam

Dam Square - Steve Photography

This square is the epicenter of the city. In fact, in the Dam Square the city originated, since it was the place where the first dam was located to channel the Amstel river from the 13th century.

Currently, Dam Square is one of the most monumental spaces in the capital. Here are the Royal Palace and the National Monument, a large obelisk in the center of the square that honors the fallen during World War II.

As for the Royal Palace, it is a huge construction made in the mid-seventeenth century and its volume dominates the entire square. Without leaving there there are also other places of interest such as the Nieuwe Kerk or New Church originated in the fifteenth century.

3. Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Canals of Amsterdam - Artur Bogacki

One of the typical images of the Dutch capital is the many channels that articulate urban planning. There are numerous companies that offer tours of them on boats, specially designed for this type of low draft navigation.

Any itinerary is interesting, since it offers a different perspective of the city, navigating water streets flanked by the typical Flemish brick architecture. In addition, other types of very peculiar homes are also contemplated, such as the multitude of floating houses that are docked in these canals.

Definitely, a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam is an essential experience in the city to understand the city, to take aesthetically very attractive photographs and to quickly explore its historic neighborhoods.

4. Anne Frank House

Another of the essential places for a visit to Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House Museum, open every day of the year. In this property the Jewish girl author of the famous newspaper was refugee.

The Museum recalls those sad episodes of the last century and It has become one of the emblems of the city.Every day there are many people from any source who are still moved by the story of the girl and the portrait of the time in the museum.

«I don't see the misery that exists, but the beauty that still remains.»

-Anna Frank-

5. Red Light District of Amsterdam

Red Light District - Jordi Alfonso Camús / Flickr.com

One of the areas of the city that makes it world famous is its Red Light District. A space that is most enjoyed at night. You have to go with some caution but, to be a neighborhood famous for its prostitution, it is much safer than other similar areas scattered around the world.

The great peculiarity is that here prostitution is legal, and the women who exercise this trade show their potential clients in shop windows open to the street. It is not about mannequins to take pictures or teasing. They are professionals who deserve to be respected, so scandalous people are not welcome.

If prostitution is regulated in Amsterdam, the same applies to the use of soft drugs such as hashish or marijuana. In the city you can find the famous coffee shops where these substances are sold and can be consumed right there. They are businesses subject to strict controls. Therefore, even if these types of drugs are used (only those), their behavioral norms must be followed.

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