5 typical souvenirs that we love

Almost From the moment we are planning a trip we start thinking about what that perfect gift would be that we could bring to our friends, family and coworkers from our vacations. If that is your case, we invite you to discover what are some of the typical souvenirs that we love the most and that represent that ideal detail for our loved ones.

We are sure that every detail will always be welcome, but without a doubt we would like that that souvenir had that special something or that essence that represented what our trip meant.

Beyond the typical fridge keychains and magnets, These are some of the most interesting and curious souvenirs that you can find in some countries that you decide to visit.

Souvenirs with a touch of magic

1. The fan

Spain has a lot of symbolisms, however, One of the most beautiful and practical souvenirs you can give is a fan.

Fans - Zai Aragon

The variety of fan designs that you can get is impressive. There are those that reflect culture, history and customs; the modern ones, the ones designed by artists and much more. Just as there is variety in designs, there is also a variety of costs, so it is a very accessible souvenir for all budgets.

2. Matrioska

If you visit Russia this is the souvenir you should give, besides being a worldwide recognized symbol, they are pieces that are absolutely charming.

Matrioskhas - Curious

The Matrioska or Russian doll is a set of traditional dolls created in 1890, since then they have traveled the world as one of the most important symbols of that country. These beautiful pieces are hollow inside, which allows a new doll to be housed inside and another doll, and so on.

The Matrioska are usually multicolored and their finishes are so fine that many people collect them. We are sure that your friends and family will be delighted with such a beautiful souvenir.

The essence of souvenirs

3. Macarons

If you go to France you will not be able to stop eating these delicious traditional cookies, so we believe that you will also want to bring some to those who wait for you at home. Macarons is the ideal souvenir, especially for candy lovers.

Macarons - Anchiy

Macarons or macaroni are traditional French cookies made with ground almonds, egg white, sugar and icing sugar. This exquisite sweet emerged in the sixteenth century and it was in the nineteenth century when two rounded bases began to be joined with a filling in between. The macarons, in addition to delicious, are perfect to give away for their striking colors and perfect presentation.

"Riches are present ambitious but ... The wealth of the perfect gift lies in the present itself."

-Spencer Johnson-

4. Tea set

If you travel to the mythical Morocco, maybe you can give your most special friends a beautiful tea set. Morocco is one of the most famous countries for its tea culture, it is a tradition that has spread over the years and defines it as a town.

Tea set - Ekaterina Pokrovsky

A souvenir that will surely thank you is that you bring them some of the most delicious teas They sell in the African country. If you also add a beautiful tea set so they can taste them, you will look like never before.

5. Venetian masks

If you have the joy of traveling to the romantic Venice, One of the souvenirs that you can take with your friends are the traditional Venetian masks. After all, the Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous in the world and also one of the most traditional.

Venetian masks - Samot

The first carnival of Venice was cellored in the thirteenth century and since then it is one of the most special traditions of the region. Giving one of the Venetian masks can become one of the best souvenirs you can do.

The key to show off with the souvenirs you decide to give is to decipher the essence of the place and transfer it to a detail that your friends and family may have in their homes.

No matter the size, nor the price, sometimes the simplest but the most picturesque is what our friends appreciate most. In the end, A souvenir is like having a little piece of that land miles away.

Which of these souvenirs would you like to be given away?

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