Meet 6 strange customs at lunchtime

The world is a wide and diverse place populated by billions of people belonging to different cultures. This is also manifested at the time of sitting at the table, at which time what for many is nothing more than a habit becomes a strange and fun activity for the rest. We review some of the most curious gastronomic customs.

How to eat and serve

Use your hands

In India it is mandatory to bring food to your mouth exclusively with your hands, that is, without the help of any type of cover.

For tag issues, it is convenient to use only the right hand for it, since doing so with the left is considered an insult. In fact, its inhabitants carry out any activity, such as greeting or making monetary exchanges with the right hand.

Indian food - Alexandra Lande

For its part, Chileans prefer to do just the opposite. Any dish, whatever it is, must be ingested using the cutlery.

In this country they will look at us badly if we touch with our fingers some food. The matter goes so far that it does not accept exceptions, even before a juicy pizza, a greasy hamburger or the classic serving of french fries.

Serve drinks

Regarding the drink, there are also many striking traditions. This is the case in Egypt, a country known for its cultural and historical value. What few know is that when you sit at the table with an Egyptian you should never fill your own glass, Once it is empty it will be another diner who should do it when he notices. In the meantime, we must be aware of filling the rest glasses as they run out of drinks.

Vineyards - Michaela Stejskalova

In Europe, specifically in France, something similar happens. In the sommelier country par excellence it is also considered a lack of decorum to use one's own consumption. Moreover, dispensing the elixir first to the ladies and leaving the glasses halfway, without filling them, are synonymous with courtesy and finesse in the gala nation.

The higher, the better

Sounds when eating

The Japanese are a people of powerful roots whose habits and practices usually attract the attention of the rest of the world. Time to eat could not be less and in Japan they have very interesting practices.

Instead of congratulating the chef for his work on the stove with compliments, the Japanese prefer to make as many noise as possible with their mouths While they taste the food. In this way they imply that the stew was exquisite. The higher the loudness achieved the more flattened the chef in question will feel.

Osaka, Japan - KPG_Payless

This practice is also very common in other Asian regions. as is the case in China, where its inhabitants extol the foods that have been prepared for them by belching at the end of each dish they consume.

Recognition sign

In modern western culture gases are judged very negatively as well as something shameless, rude and impertinent, even more so if the act in question takes place during or after a meal.

However, in Eskimo populations that last in the northernmost areas of Canada and Alaska, this is not the case. The Inuit find in flatulence and gases an indispensable praise when they have guests to the table.

Of course, they expect their visitors to act the same way since this activity is a social convenience of the first order for these tribes. People who fight daily to combat the disappearance of their rites, clearly influenced by nomadism and inclement weather.

"There is no love more sincere than the love of food."

-George Bernard Shaw-


We return to France to talk about one of its most famous gastronomic products, bread. This traditional and basic food of the French culture has lots of different styles and formats among which the popular baguette stands out.

French gastronomy - Netrun78

What is unknown is that there get used to leaving the bar to finish the banquet, at which time some slices will be cut and eaten as an accompaniment to cheese slices, just before dessert.

In Afghanistan, for their part, they especially value this edible since it is a real livelihood for many families.

It is so much respect that they profess that when someone drops even a small crumb to the ground, he picks it up immediately and kisses it with love. Once recovered, he will continue to eat it happily, as if nothing had happened.

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