How much does it cost to travel on the most luxurious airlines?

If you dream of a luxury trip, there are airlines that can exceed your expectations. In fact, traveling by plane can be an adventure by knowing the ways in which luxury airlines provide their services to the traveler. If you are lucky and get to know these airlines you will never want to travel in the usual ones.

But do you know how much it costs to travel in the most luxurious airlines in the world? We will reveal it to you. That and the most luxurious features of each. You will be surprised to know the ways in which these airlines provide total comfort to their passengers to make each flight a completely pleasant experience.

Emirates Airlines

The first-class airfare on the Emirates Airlines can exceed $ 15,000. This airline will be known as one of the most exclusive in the world and certainly promises the best flight experience.

Emitares Airlines Airbus - Sorbis /

Each cabin includes a custom mini bar for each passenger. In addition, it has a TV where you can watch up to 500 channels to entertain the passenger. All people who have chosen first class have access to a VIP lounge to enjoy a good conversation and a drink on board.

Passengers of this airline can take a luxury shower before getting off the plane. In addition, you can also make a whole change of look, since it has a private dressing room, only for first-class passengers.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines It is considered the most expensive airline in the world since the first class ticket can cost $ 25,000. In this airline passengers have access to a full-size bed, they can taste exquisite cuisine with ingredients such as lobster or caviar and have at your disposal very expensive personal hygiene products as a gift from the airline.

Private cabin at Singapore Airlines - Maxene Huiyu /

Traveling on Singapore Airlines is similar to staying in a 5 star luxury hotel. Before arriving at the plane you will already be treated like a tycoon, since you will be transferred to a VIP room where you will be offered luxury care and you can check-in to enter the plane and check the luggage.

Upon entering the airplane suite you are greeted with a glass of Dom Pérignon champagne. Inside the room you will find a TV, leather armchairs, bedside tables and a bed. A wide variety of movies can be seen on the TV and headphones are included to listen to music. At the end of the flight the passengers are given a kit of Salvatore Ferragamo products and a Givenchy pajamas.

Quantas Airlines

Traveling first class on Quantas Airlines costs around $ 15,000. No doubt when traveling with this airline you will feel that you are in a private jet. In addition, they not only have seats but a private suite for the traveler.

First class passengers on Quantas Airlines have access to a kind of bed separated from all other people. You will no longer have to listen to the snoring of the passenger next door or the complaints of other travelers.

For VIP travelers there is an exclusive room inside the plane to have a drink or enjoy gourmet food. In addition, there is a section of unbeatable drinks. No doubt you will not want to get off this plane to know all its benefits.

"All trips have secret destinations that the traveler knows nothing about."

-Martin Buber-

Flying on these airlines is a real dream for very few. Cabins of exquisite luxury that have nothing to do with conventional ones.

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