Krakow: know that beautiful city

¿You are thinking of visiting Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland? Stop planning your trip and pay attention. We are going to give you some tips to enjoy this place as it deserves, since it is a spectacular population.

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland thanks to its magnificent medieval heritage and the enormous history that each of its streets has, after being one of the most punished places during World War II. A beautiful city that is located less than two hundred kilometers from the Czech Republic, in the southeast part of the country.

Krakow's fame

Although, as we have said, the German invasion suffered greatly during World War II due to the large number of Jews who inhabited it, Krakow is also famous for being the homeland of Pope John Paul II, a very important figure in the Catholic Church of the last quarter of the twentieth century. But, in addition, its medieval part is considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Historic center of Krakow - Seqoya

What to visit in Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful Polish city with immense heritage. There are many places to visit between its streets and areas of interest. However, we will make a brief summary of the most important. Do not miss them if you see the city.

The medieval zone

If you approach the historical part of Krakow, there are a number of places that are a must see, such as the Basilica of Santa Maria.

Further, Within the medieval area, is the famous Wawel Hill. It houses the Wawel Cathedral and the Royal Castle, both clear examples of the city's past and truly beautiful.

Wawel Hill in Krakow - Tomasz Mazon

Also encompassed within the historical and classical area of ​​Krakow, you must not miss the Market Square, a gigantic and diaphanous construction of large proportions seasoned with beautiful buildings.

If you are a lover of sacred art, Krakow is undoubtedly your best destination. It is known as the "city of 200 churches," in reference to the huge number of buildings prepared for Catholic worship. In addition, there are others who obey other religions. That is to say, the Christian architecture and other confessions is very rich and varied in the area.

The part punished by World War II

Further, there is another part of Krakow that attracts attention for its vital importance during World War II and that has marked much the future of this city over the years.

Without a doubt, A visit that can never be missed in your visit to Krakow is an approach to Auschwitz. The sadly famous Nazi concentration camp was the place where thousands of Jews died or were killed.

In the attempt that such a massacre never be repeated again, remains almost intact and it is a faithful record of a dark and dark era of European history.

Auschwitz concentration camp - Mikael Damkier

If you visit Krakow in winter and approach Auschwitz, you will suffer in your own flesh the terrible pain of the Jews there concentrated. You will see the terrible tortures to which they were subjected, their weak and fine pajamas to barely shelter from freezing temperatures, the gas chambers or the bedrooms in which they were overcrowded.

"The same in the age of spears and swords that in the era of nuclear rockets, the first victim is the heart of man."

-Juan Paul II-

Further, Krakow highlights the Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz, a place today characterized by its bohemian atmosphere. It retains many old synagogues and even the Jewish Ghetto, which witnessed Nazi barbarities during World War II.

Synagogue in Krazimierz - Pawel Kazmierczak

In this area of ​​Krakow, passages of the celebrated and oscarized can be relived Schindler's List, the work of the famous Steven Spielberg on the epic of a German businessman who tried to save as many Jews as he could.

As you can see, the passage of history has left an indelible mark on Krakow, which has now become one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and in Europe.

You will do well if you decide to visit this fantastic place full of memories everywhere. Without a doubt, each of its streets has something to tell the visitor, which goes beyond the limits of the ecstatic population for everything that happened in that part of the world.

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