Advantages of sightseeing in your own country

Sightseeing in your own country is an adventure you should live before deciding to cross borders. Many people want to travel abroad to obtain a greater degree of disconnection and observe more new things, but the advantage of traveling in your own country is that it will allow you to learn more about your own culture and its nuances.

Touring your own country will present you with new perspectives of your estate, in addition to meeting friends much closer to where you live. Traveling always offers new ways of looking at the road and knowing corners never seen before in your homeland and, without a doubt, this will allow you to be more prepared for when you decide to travel abroad.

Traveling is leaving home,
is dressing crazy
Saying everything and nothing with a postcard.
It's sleeping in another bed,
feel that time is short,
Traveling is returning.

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez-

Then We are going to analyze a series of advantages that tourism has in your own country: save more money, the freedom of traveling in your own vehicle, travel shorter distances ...

Better budget management

When traveling in your own country you can design a more realistic budget than when traveling abroad. This is because transport, food and lodging prices are similar to those in the city where you live. They are probably a little higher in the capital, as well as in more tourist areas, but obviously it is easier to manage local money than a foreign currency.

If doing tourism in your country you know approximately the price of each thing, when traveling abroad, however, it is necessary to conduct an investigation of how much everything costs. Without forgetting that you will have to visit a exchange house to change the currency of your country for the one you are going to visit.

Seville - Marcin Krzyzak

Further, Sightseeing abroad can be much more expensive than traveling in your own country. There are really expensive destinations and, depending on where you are traveling abroad, your vacation can be an excessive expense. Traveling in your own country guarantees you to go to more places with the same budget and give you more luxuries than when traveling abroad.

Speak the same language

To facilitate your trip nothing better than knowing the same language spoken in the place. A great advantage of doing tourism in your country is that you can talk with the locals who can guide you and you will also be able to make many friends along the way. The language barrier is a great challenge for those who travel to another country, their ignorance can make things very difficult.

It is true that in the same geography there are many dialects and languages, but it is easier to understand them to do it with a language that is nothing like ours. Whether to ask for an address from somewhere or to order food, in your country the language will not be an obstacle.

Segovia - dimbar76

Know that you can understand each other perfectly with those who know the place best, it will give you much more freedom. You will not feel ashamed to ask or ask for recommendations of where to eat cheaper or what are the best places to walk and enjoy the nightlife.

Greater knowledge of the area

Sightseeing in your own country is easier because you know the political, cultural and social situation of each place. If you travel to the mountain you will know exactly what to take to comfortably enjoy the place and you will know what you will face traveling to a place like this. It will be easier to know if there is any kind of danger on the site, since you will not go to a completely unknown place.

If you know the area well, you can even travel in your own vehicle. In addition, you can take friends or family with you to not be completely alone. It is also easier to use other forms of transport, such as train or bus, than in a country that you do not know.

Traveling is always a wonderful thing, but sometimes we forget that also near where we live we can find fantastic places.

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