The beautiful festival in Nepal in honor of dogs

Do you know the festival in Nepal in honor of dogs? Well, if you are one of those people who loves your pet, This is one of the most impressive, beautiful and curious celebrations that exist on every planet. Let's find out a little more about this unique day.

Festival in Nepal in honor of dogs, what is celebrated?

What is celebrated at this festival in Nepal in honor of dogs? During what is known as the Festival of Lights, translation of the original, "Diwali", there is a day when dogs are worshiped, also known as "Kukur Tihar".

The "Diwali" takes place throughout the autumn season, always coinciding with the new moon. It lasts for 5 days during the month known as «Kartika» and It is a holiday that also has a presence in other countries in the area such as Burma, India or Malaysia.

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However, the peculiarity of this celebration in Nepal is that during the second day of the "Diwali" this unique dog worship takes place, which serves as a way of recognizing how much these animals suppose in people's lives. Moreover, according to their religion, these are the gatekeepers to eternal life, so it is very necessary to have them happy and happy.

Origins of the festival in honor of dogs

The origins of this festival in Nepal in honor of dogs dates back thousands of years. A long time ago, Prince Yudhisthira ascended with his dog to the heavens, however, the ruling god, Indra, did not let him go with his companion.

As expected, Yudhisthira, very close to his pet, He refused to enter the Kingdom of Heaven without his faithful companion, since he never left him, not even in the darkest and darkest times. This attitude of the young prince surprised and convinced Indra, who let them in and even turned the animal into a god. Hence, today they deserve their own holiday.

How is the festival in honor of dogs

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During the celebration of “Kukur Tihar”, dogs receive cookies in reward, so they can be very happy. Further, they are painted with the sacred colors for the Hinduists, which are red and yellow. Moreover, they are adorned with garlands, offering a nice image of animals.

Also in the days of “Diwali” in general, and “Kukur Tihar” in particular, offerings are made, current and past stories are told and everything that people have is appreciated. These are dates of giving thanks for life and what has been obtained throughout it..

In addition, it should be added that not only animals with owners are revered during the festival in honor of dogs. Also the street and abandoned are painted, adorned with garlands, fed with cookies and honored during the day.

The relationship of the dog and humans

It should be noted that the relationship between dogs and humans has been very intimate throughout history. No wonder, therefore, that other cultures and religions adore them in this way. It's more, these animals are actually a species created by man to accompany and protect us.

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The known ancestor of dogs are wolves. Some of them, instead of attacking humans, they decided that it was more practical to search their trash for food. From this peculiar decision of animals, domestication came from man.

Over time, generations of human-friendly wolves crossed and mixed, discarding those more aggressive. Hence, man finally ended up creating all kinds of dog breeds according to his needs.

"A dog is life insurance, a course tracker, a compass with four legs."

-José Saramago-

Today we can find hundreds of races for all kinds of uses, from hunting to protection or the company. That is the life of humans and dogs has been united for thousands of years to this day.

It is not strange therefore that there is this festival in Nepal in honor of dogs, since they have been very important throughout human history and they are faithful and affectionate animals that deserve any affection we can give them.

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