The Route of the Faces, magic and mysticism

Spain is full of amazing corners. As a sample of this we bring you The Route of the Faces, a journey of just under two kilometers where you will find impressive faces carved in rock sandstone.

The Route of the Faces is located in a place of pine forests and sandstone rocks around the Buendía Reservoir. Within the place itself there is a conditioned route in which you can discover the distinctive magic of the 18 sculptures and under reliefs carved in the rocks.

The faces of the Route of the FacesThey have been made by the artists, Jorge J. Maldonado and Eulogio Reguillo, which since 1992 have used the natural environment of the small and charming town of Buendía, sculpting these faces in an extension of no less than two kilometers on a hiking trail where you can enjoy nature and the landscape.

Golem on the Route of the Faces - Daniel Tabas /

It will not take you more than an hour to discover the 18 sculptures with dimensions ranging from 30 centimeters to 4.5 meters high and that create a mystical atmosphere next to the pine trees that are around them, inviting spiritual reflection.

The characters of The Routes of the Faces

The majesty of the Route of the Faces invites you to spend a family picnic and recreate with all the characters there. It is ideal to travel with childrenWell, the route is fun and entertaining, so everyone can enjoy together.

There you will find different sculptures that will impress you, like The sleeping giant, The Nun or The Currency of Life.

Beethoven on the Route of the Faces - Gonzalo Malpartida /

You can also admire a Templar cross, to Krishna, Maitrya, Arjuna, an impressive Sorcerer's Spiraland the fantasticBeethoven de Buendía, among others.

«How can I make a sculpture? Simply removing all of the marble block is not necessary. ”

-Miguel Ángel Buonarroti-

When you arrive at Calavera, it is called Of death, you can admire the entire Buendía swamp, You can even take a walk with the little ones to their shore to throw a few stones.

Skull on the Route of the Faces - Gabri Solera /

How to get to The Route of the Faces.

You can get to The Route of the Faces in your private car, leaving from the town of Buendía through a track that leads to La Cespeda. You will find good signposting of panels and indications, it is about four kilometers away and is reached in about 5 minutes.

Before arriving at La Cespeda you will find a sign that announces «Route of the Faces», then you will find the route through a hill where you can see the Buendía reservoir, which only brings beauty to the place. There begins the circular route of about an hour on a path that descends and ascends without any geographical surprise.

Swamp of Buendía - Gonzalo Malpartida /

Continuing along the path you will find a peninsula of beautiful Alcarreño landscapes formed by olive groves and farmland, surrounded by the extensive coasts of the Mar de Castilla.

The town of Buendía

We cannot fail to mention the beauty of the town of Buendía, a medieval town located on the border between the province of Cuenca and Guadalajara, located in a perfect environment for hiking.

The Route of the Faces is one of its main attractions, but you can't stop enjoying the medieval air that gives it its wall and where two arcaded squares stand out, the Plaza Mayor and its equal, which are linked by a portico.

The squares are next to the Church of the Assumption, in gothic style. Visiting it is like traveling through time and spirituality, which will captivate you remarkably.

In addition, Buendía offers several rural tourism options, If you want to camp or go by motorhome you can use the area available in the municipality. Overnight costs € 5, but if you present purchase tickets made in the town for € 20, parking is free.

Maitreya on the Route of the Faces - Asoka /

You can not miss The Route of the Faces, where you can have fun and enjoy with your family but you will also feel the mysticism of these fantastic faces full of mystery that, thanks to the solitude of the place and the sound of the wind when it blows among the pines, seem to come alive.

Video: The Route of the Faces, Spain (February 2020).