5 little known natural paradises of Spain

Nature has been extremely generous with Spain, giving you true paradises in the form of beautiful valleys, magnificent rivers and incredible landscapes. Some are well known and visited, others not so much.

Let's go through some of those fantastic paradises that remain unfairly in the background but that They are perfect to enjoy a fantastic getaway.

1. The Cave of the Greens

This is one of the little known natural paradises of Spain.The Cueva de los Verdes is located in the Canary archipelago, north of the Island of Lanzarote.

Cave of the Greens, Lanzarote - Matteo Volpi

The Cave of the Greens formed approximately 5,000 years ago, due to the lava released by the eruption of the Crown Volcano. This eruption, together with the lava that was released, formed a tube with a length of 7 kilometers. The route of the referred tunnel extends under the sea and is known as the Atlantis Tunnel, considered the longest in the world.

When walking through this Cave of the Greens, you will descend to the very bowels of the earth. This is one of the sites worth visiting, for its natural beauty and geological interest.

2. Gulpiyuri Beach

Gulpiyuri Beach is a small and adorable inner beach with white sands and sea water. It is surrounded by green meadows and imposing limestone cliffs.

Gulpiyuri Beach, Asturias - Migel

Through erosion, the sea formed inland caves due to a karst phenomenon called dolina. The ground sank leaving a gap of about 50 meters in diameter. This sinking connects with the coast, which allows the entry of seawater.

This beach is located in Asturias, north of the town of Naves, between the towns of Llanes and Ribadesella. This little paradise on earth preserves intact all its natural beauty, because it is in a fairly isolated area.

«Art, glory, freedom wither, but nature always remains beautiful.»

-Lord Byron-

3. Gorge of the Gaitanes

This gorge is an imposing and overwhelming site located in the province of Malaga. In the sections where it is narrower, its width is 10 meters and its height reaches 400 meters.

Los Gaitanes Gorge, Málaga - zubitarra / Flickr

So that the operators of the Chorro Hydroelectric Power could access it, the Camino del Rey was built on the walls of the gorge, one of the most dangerous trails in the world.

The Camino del Rey is a pedestrian path whose length is 3 km. In some sections its width is only one meter and hangs up to 100 meters above the Guadalhorce river, on walls that are almost vertical.

This road was recently rebuilt. If you do not have vertigo, we advise you to visit it, because It has wonderful views of this paradisethat you can't miss

4. The Torcal de Antequera

This is a natural place of stunning beauty also found in the Andalusian province of Malaga. This site it owes its beauty to the erosive agents that sculpted in it capricious forms of a beauty without equal.

Torcal de Antequera, Málaga - Natursports

The Torcal de Antequera has a karst origin and is undoubtedly one of the unknown natural paradises of Spain, which you can not miss. A perfect place for hiking and also caving, since in this place there are beautiful caves.

5. The Caldera de Taburiente

This magnificent site is located in the Canary Islands, on the island of La Palma. From the air, the Caldera de Taburiente looks like a large crater formed by a huge explosion.

Caldera de Taburiente, La Palma - Andrzej Gibasiewicz

Its origin is geological and due to the collapse of a volcano, that is, the crater base did not support the weight and collapsed. Due to this, we can visit today as a result the caldera of the exposed volcano. Over time, it became a depression on the ground inhabited by beautiful species such as pine, willow or beech.

If you explore it and travel a little, you will find great sites like the Barranco de las Angustias, the Roque de los Muchachos and endless routes and paths to enjoy this magical and incredible corner of the Canary Islands.

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