Life lessons you learn by living abroad

Leaving the place where you were born and raised, making the decision to separate from your family and closest friends is not easy. However, there are many lessons and life lessons that we get from this experience and that make us grow and mature as human beings.

What you learn by living abroad

1. Mature

Leaving your comfort zone and facing the challenges of life will make you grow and mature. You will no longer be the spoiled child, now you will have to fend for yourself, you will understand your parents and thank everything they did for you.

2. Learn a new language

This point obviously depends on the place where you decide to emigrate, but if you do it to a country where they speak a language different from yours you will win the most powerful of the tools to develop your full potential on a personal and work level.

3. Meet new places

Traveling is the funniest way we can learn from other cultures.. You will realize that, although your country is one of the most beautiful and wonderful places, others also have extraordinary sites that will make you fall in love from the first moment.

Hiker in Nepal- Olga Danylenko

4. More freedom

Moving, new friends, new job, new country, new challenges, many satisfactions and more freedom.You have never been as own and as free as you are now.

It's not about being able to get home at any time you want, but about feel that if you have been able to face so many obstacles and get airy nothing and nobody can stop you. You cleared all the limits of your head and never before felt so free and full with your life.

5. You value what you left

Probably before You didn't give much importance to the small details of your life: have a family that cares about you, the comforts, the friends, the squares of your city or that beach where you spent unforgettable moments.

When you move abroad you begin to value even the smallest details, you realize how deeply fortunate you are and the immense love you feel for your loved ones, friends and country. You feel proud of where you come from and take advantage of all the opportunities to return to those you love and value as never before.

«In 20 years you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the things you did. So drop moorings, navigate away from safe ports, catch trade winds. Explore It sounds. Discover."

-Mark Twain-

6. You become a saver

You had to study and work very hard, suddenly you realize that You do not have the financial support of your parents and you have to carve a path for yourself.

When you emigrate you realize that life away from home is not easyIt has cost you a lot what you have achieved and you definitely don't want to splurge on it. Although you like to enjoy life, you are much more careful with your expenses and plan very well to avoid meaningless debts.

7. You change

We all know that traveling changes people, knowing new cultures makes you grow as a human being. But if you move to another country that change will be much deeper than you can imagine.

Halong Bay, Vietnam - Jimmy Tran

Your perspectives change, mature and value your family much more. Your fears and roots will be deeply shaken, you will probably make decisions and do things that you didn't think you were capable of before.

8. Without attachment to material things

Before you thought you couldn't live without your favorite shirt or that childhood toy that was so special, but when you had to put your life in two suitcases to move to another country You began to understand that the most precious are your memories and family.

From the moment you move abroad you stop establishing so much attachment with material things, you realize that what is really important are your wishes and that the material is replaceable.

9. The most difficult decision, but also the right one

There is no going back, you gave up most of your comforts, you are the owner of your home with all the good and bad that this implies.

Despite the nostalgia that attacks you from time to time, you feel phenomenal in your new life, you have become a citizen of the world and you think that such a great and wonderful place must continue to be discovered.

Leaving your country, your family and your friends is one of the most difficult decisions that a person can take. However, it is also the opportunity to know and enjoy, grow and discover that there are no limits to achieve what you set out to do. There are many life lessons you learn in this new adventure that is to live abroad.

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