3 cheap and amazing trips in Spain

When it comes to cheap travel, Spain is a very diverse country where tourists can find countless options. But when planning the trip it is important to take certain aspects into consideration. The fundamental thing will be to choose the city, island or town to visit because the costs of accommodation, transportation and food also depend on the area.

Although the offer is very wide, we are going to focus on three fantastic destinations that you can enjoy without having to ruin or have to save for months. There are three Spanish corners full of charm and endless possibilities.

1. Cáceres

Cáceres - Jose Ignacio Soto

This small medieval city is one of the most demanded and most beautiful tourist scenarios in Spain. Simply walking through its streets is already a delight, but there are many other activities you can do for very little money. In addition, it is easy to find good accommodations ... and cheap.

¿What you should keep in mind when planning your visit to the city? Take note:

  • Spending the night in a picturesque hotel can cost you between 50 and 70 euros.
  • Visit one of the emblematic museums it's very cheap. The price of tickets ranges between 1 and 3 euros.
  • As for transport, you should not worry, Cáceres is a city to enjoy on foot. If you need to move in public transport it will not be expensive, for just 7 euros you can buy a 10-trip voucher.
  • With regard to food, prices are very varied. If the traveler looks for the simplest, he would spend about 15 euros on fast food.
Bujaco Tower, Cáceres - Jose Ignacio Soto

You already know more or less how much you will spend, now we show you what you should not miss on your visit to the city:

  • The Main Square, nerve center of the city
  • Palaces: Do not miss some of the most beautiful as Carvajal, Mayoralgo or Veletas.
  • towers: Cáceres is a city of beautiful towers. They emphasize the one of the Pulpits, the one of the Grass, the one of Bujaco…
  • Cathedral

2. Toledo

Alcazar of Toledo - Matej Kastelic

This city is very close to Madrid, from where you can reach by bus to save some euros. Toledo is perfect for a “low cost” getaway at any time of the year.

«Toledo, Spanish solar, melting pot of the Iberian race. Happy was the one who was born Spanish and Toledo."

-Miguel de Cervantes-

To plan your visit to Toledo you must take into account some important aspects:

  • Toledo has hostels or hostels that surround its historic center at an affordable price. Also, in the city you have to choose countless hotels at low cost.
  • The gastronomy in Toledo is unique and there are possibilities for all budgets. Going for “tapas” may seem expensive, but there is the option of finding very cheap restaurants even within the historic center.
  • To visit the most prominent corners It is advisable to purchase the “tourist bracelet”. For only 8 euros you can visit emblematic places like the mosque of Cristo de la Luz, the church of Santo Tomé or the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca.
  • Likewise, Toledo's museums have a free day a week.
Toledo Cathedral - Eric2x

We have already shown you some of the corners you should visit, but there are other places that you should not miss for nothing in the world:

  • Cathedral, simply magnificent.
  • The quarterdeck, today converted into Army Museum
  • The entrance gates to the city: that of Bisgra, that of Alcantara ...
  • The El Greco Museum, essential.

3. Tenerife

Tenerife - Andrew Buckin

This Canary Island is ideal to enjoy a fantastic holiday without spending a lot of money. The hot weather and its beautiful beaches make it an exceptional place for tourists.

Keep these aspects in mind before planning your trip:

  • If you travel as a family or in a group it is possible to find aparthotels at a very good price. It is also easy to find other types of offers.
  • As for transportation, both buses and taxis here have prices available to almost any pocket.
  • Tenerife It has towns like Puerto de la Cruz, where you can eat for little money and enjoy an exceptional beach day.
Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife - Marques

As to the attractions of the island are many and very different:

  • Your fantastic Beaches, of black or golden sand.
  • The Teide, a wonderful national park with spectacular landscapes.
  • The Cliffs of the Giantsawesome
  • The Carnival, colorful, lively and recognized worldwide.

As you see, in Spain there are affordable destinations but available to everyone Enjoy them!

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