Celebrate Halloween in Transylvania

What happens if you visit the most terrifying place in the world on Halloween? You dare? Celebrate Halloween in Transylvania means more fun than you can imagine Although just mentioning the land of Vlad the Impaler makes your hair stand on end, maybe you get a surprise.

Romania is considered one of the most charming and inexplorad regionstos of Europe. Its impressive Gothic architecture, the surrounding forests and friendly people seduce you, but at night another is history, the whole place lends itself to a real fun, especially on Halloween.

Halloween in Transylvania, what to do and what to know

Celebrate Halloween in Transylvaniait's amazing, there are a number of tours and guided tours of the places where the legend of the vampire man was made that will make you spend a scary Halloween.

"For those who are afraid, everything is noise."


Bran Castle or Dracula's Castle

Bran Castle - Emi Cristea

Around the myth the so-called are organized Dracula Tours, where they take you to places of interest. Among them you can not miss the visit to the castle where the English writer Bran Stoker set his famous novel, Bran Castle or Dracula's Castle, located near the beautiful city of Brasov.

This spectacular castle Was cbuilt in 1378 on the top of a rock as a defense of the city and from there the commerce between the province of Valachie and Transylvania was controlled. Customs Point, it was also a royal residence and today is the museum of history and feudal art.

Around Bran Castle you can admire beautiful forests where you can sometimes see animals like bears or wolves that live in the Carpathians.


Sighisoara - Christian Draghici

Another must-see is the city of Sighisoara, is the only walled fortress inhabited in Europe, a beautiful medieval city that has an impressive architecture that takes you to the past.

On Halloween they organize activities where you can have fun, like the vampire's dinner, the witch's and Dracula's wedding, the murder of the walking dead and a spectacular Halloween party where you just have to wear your costume, so you can't miss it.

After so much enjoyment, make sure you rent a car and get to know the surrounding hills and villages.In winter, with the snowfall, the whole place will seem magical to you, you can not lose this.


Brasov - Aleksandar Todorovic

Another of the cities that you can not miss is Brasov, I gotderada as the most important city in Transylvania, and one of the most beautiful from Romania.

Famous for being another of the places where Vlad spent part of his life, currently is a cosmopolitan metropolis that, surprisingly, contrasts with the remains of an ancient ccity.

Brasov has a lot to offer its tourists: museums and streets with art exhibitions, shopping centers and an added surprise, hasA great nightlife that on Halloween is even more lively.

Preservesa center historical medieval, of paved floors and surrounded by small alleys and baroque churches. You can visit Sfatului Square and visit the Museum of History and the old town hall of Brasov.

Near the square is the well-known and bustling Republicii pedestrian street, full of outdoor bars, restaurants, shops and many people.

Peles Castle, in Sinaia

Peles Castle - Ammit Jack

Sinaia Palace is the first castle with central heating and electricity. It is adorned with works of art painted by Queen Isabel from Romania, Who decorated the building.

The castle is a fifteen minute walk from the center of Sinaia and It is of a German Renaissance style, with arabesque stays and a theater inside, among other things.


Sibiu - Boerescu

Sibiu, the former capital of Transylvania, is a small and very quiet city, you can travel its caceold co in a morningIt is worth stopping and enjoying its charm.

On your tour you can't miss the Sibiu Cathedral, The Great Plaza, the Town Hall Tower, and the outer towers of the city.

If in addition to costumes and party you want to enjoy hiking, Sibiu is the starting point to perform a route in the Fagaras, where the highest peak of Romania Moldoveanu is located, with 2,543 meters, a site of impressive beauty.

Without a doubt the mysterious environment and all the activities that are prepared in Transylvania they will make your scary Halloween spectacular. Don't miss the parties, the Dracula Tours and the charm of the cities of Transylvania Live Halloween in a big way!

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