Margarita Island in Venezuela, a natural paradise

The "Pearl of the Caribbean" is an increasingly popular destination among Latin Americans. Located in Venezuela, Margarita Island has played an important role in the history of the country's independence because it is the only state outside the continent. Plan your vacation to this natural paradise!

Brief review of Margarita Island

Located southeast of the Caribbean Sea and north of the Araya Peninsula, in South America, this island was baptized by Christopher Columbus as "The Assumption" in 1498, but its name changed to what we know today a year later. You want to know why? There are several theories about it.

One indicates that it was due to the amount of pearls found in the region, another that was in honor of Queen Margaret of Austria and the third is because in the expedition was a Catalan named Pere Margarit. The ancient inhabitants of the island called him "Paraguachoa", which means "fish in abundance."

The beaches of Margarita Island

Vare, Margarita Island - Guy Shapira

The climate of this island (and the entire Caribbean area) is tropical dry, accompanied by a radiant sun that is present almost every day of the year. The average temperature is 27 ° C, the minimum being 22 and the maximum 34 ° C. If you suffer heat it does not matter because you can cool off on one of the beaches that Margarita Island has to offer you. It is one more beautiful than the other! The main ones are:

El Agua Beach

It is the most popular and offers all kinds of services for tourists. The tall palm trees and fine sands are perfect for lying down to rest drinking a juice and reading a book. Do you prefer a little activity? On this beach you can do all kinds of water sports. Do you think you'll get bored? In the high season there are concerts, shows and competitions of all kinds.

La Caracola Beach

Are you a lover of cycling through the sand? Then this beach is perfect for you. But if you like to go very early to enjoy the sea, you better choose another place because during the first hours of the morning it is closed to all those who do not have a two-wheeled vehicle.

La Caracola Beach, Margarita Island - Wilfredo Rodríguez /

El Yaque Beach

While the wind will make you mess up and your hat is at risk of flying through the air, the water is calm and shallow. There There are several schools to learn windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is located behind the airport.

Parguito Beach

It is one of the most popular among surfers for its warm waters and strong waves. It is also a special beach for jet skiing, surfing and swimming. In addition to water sports, here you will enjoy restaurants, food stalls and other services that will make you spend a spectacular day.

Parguito Beach, Margarita Island -Olga Sapegina

What else to do in Margarita Island?

Although most of those who choose Margarita Island for their vacations are passionate about the beach and the sand, many also want to know a little more about the area. To change the "routine" of going to the sea you can opt for some walks:

Laguna de la Restinga National Park

To arrive you must take a wooden boat and travel an hour. During the journey you will enjoy a Caribbean landscape without equal and when you arrive at the park you will be amazed at the amount of animals that live there. You will get tired of photographing flamingos, pelicans and mangroves. The stars of this natural show? Without a doubt they are the sea turtles that spawn on the shore.

San Carlos Borromeo Castle

Its construction dates back to the 17th century and was destroyed by pirate attacks. The building is surrounded by a typical moat that surprisingly could never be filled with water. The reason? An error of the architect!

Porlomar, Margarita Island - Valery Shanin

Los Roques Archipelago

It is necessary to take a plane and travel 40 minutes to arrive, but it is worth doing this trip. You will enjoy a national park of the largest in the Caribbean formed by islands, cays and islets surrounded by turquoise water.

Fort of the Galera

It is located in Puerto Juan Griego and is a perfect walk for lovers of the history of Venezuela. There the Battle of the Fort was developed in 1817, a key milestone for the country's independence. To learn more about what happened you can take a tour with the guide children. Yes, how are you reading. It is a total pride for the children to tell what they have learned in school about this building.

«Over the years I have observed that beauty, like happiness, is frequent. Not a day goes by that we are not, for a moment, in paradise. »

-Jorge Luis Borges-

Beach, history, natural parks, water sports, typical food, wonderful hotels ... Margarita Island has it all!

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