The magic of Acapulco

Acapulco was in its golden years one of the most important beach cities in the world. She was the spouse of Hollywood actors and the European elite. Although today its power has been displaced by other resorts, it still retains the magic that one day made it so great.

We invite you to visit with us some of the most beautiful places that Acapulco has.

Acapulco: crystal clear beaches and fun

1. Icacos Beach

Icacos beach is one of the most popular in the port of Acapulco. This beach is crowned as the largest in Acapulco Bay, With 2,060 meters long.

This wonderful beach belongs to the tourist area called “Acapulco Dorado” and it is one of the busiest in the port. It has been exploited by large hotel chains and merchants. Walking along the shore of this beach is particularly charming, as the golden sand, the crystalline water and the most beautiful and luxurious buildings merge in one place.

Acapulco - Alex.Polo

2. La Condesa Beach

La Condesa beach is another of the most popular, especially at night, when a vibrant nightlife makes its way between tourists and locals.

In front of the beach, in the Farallón del Obispo, in El Morro, there is a rock well known for its legends. On the other side of the bay you will find a variety of restaurants, discos and bars overlooking the beautiful bay. If you want to spend a different night, full of the magic of Acapulco, you can not miss the La Condesa Beach.

Acapulco - Donald Barger

3. Puerto Marques

Puerto Marques is one of the most beautiful corners that Acapulco hides. Its peaceful beaches are ideal to relax and go with children, since the waves are very moderate.

On this beach you can enjoy a wonderful day by the seawhile you delight in some of the culinary specialties of the area, such as size fish. In addition, in the Mangrove area there are several companies that offer boat rides, jet skis and much more so that the fun never ends.

4. Beaches Caleta y Caletilla

These two beaches are also ideal to go with children or older people, since they have very little swell. Near the shore you can enjoy a variety of restaurants that offer their customers some of the typical dishes of the area.

The magic of Acapulco

5. Diamond Tip

Punta Diamante is one of the most exclusive areas of Acapulco. Here you can find the best hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, discos, bars and golf courses in the city.

Acapulco Bay - Polryaz

6. The Gorge

This is one of the most recognized places in Acapulco Bay. It is a spectacular viewpoint that sits on top of a cliff. Some brave swimmers dare to dive into the water, not caring about the 35 meters high they must travel before diving into the waters of the Pacific.

7. Fort San Diego

Fort San Diego - Chris Jenner

Acapulco also has a rich history, so we recommend visiting Fort San Diego, superbly preserved and considered the most important fort in the Pacific Ocean. There is also a beautiful and very complete museum where you can learn much more about the history of this charming city.

8. Foot of the Slope

If you are a lover of water sports, Pie de la Cuesta should be among the Acapulco sites you should know. This wonderful place is located 11 kilometers from Acapulco Bay and It is ideal for sports such as surfing and water skiing.

Further, If you want to take a romantic walk, we recommend you rent some horses and cross the entire shore of a beautiful lagoon that merges with the sea. Finish tasting some of the most exquisite dishes in the region.

«Remember Acapulco
of that night
Maria Bonita, Mary of the soul;
remember that on the beach,
with your little hands the stars
you rinsed them out.

-Agustín Lara-

9. Papagayo Park

This beautiful park has 21 hectares of ecological and recreational reserve. It has three artificial lakes and extensive green areas, in addition to a large number of exotic animal species.

This park has a library, children's recreation, sports courts and much more. It is better known as "the lung of Acapulco", for being the only one in its style and for conserving the most extensive green areas of the entire city.

When we walk every corner of this wonderful harbor, we realize that Acapulco continues to retain that touch of magic that makes it so special. Would you like to visit Acapulco?

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