Discover Menorca, a true paradise

Menorca is one of the three islands of the Balearic archipelago, located northeast of Mallorca. It is the first place where the sun rises in Spain, a very quiet island which is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean.

Menorca receives tourists on its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sand, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea not only in summer but all yearDefinitely a paradise that you have to visit.

Discover the best of Menorca

What attracts Menorca is not only its natural beauties, where we will find turquoise beaches of fine white sands as the main attraction,you can also enjoy numerous prehistoric towns and monuments.

They are distributed throughout the island territory: La Naveta des Tudons, Torralba den Salord, Torre den Gaumés or Cales Coves, among many others. Not in vain Menorca is considered by historians and archaeologists an authentic open-air museum.

Megaliths in Menorca - Karol Kozlowski

If you are fond of water sports you will have many possibilities to enjoy, from immersing yourself in any cove of the island, to windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, sport fishing, Latin sailing or scuba diving.

Also, you can't miss the boat trips around the island, which take you to visit the main points of interest of the coast. If you like diving you will find several dive centers that range from basic levels to experts.

Undoubtedly something you have to admire is the love that the menorquines show for their environment, their land and their culture, the passion they feel when celebrating their millenary holidays, the calm with which they enjoy and lead their lives.

"A people is not truly free as long as freedom is not rooted in their customs and identified with them."

-Mariano José de Larra-

Cities you have to know in Menorca

The Citadel of Menorca

Citadel - holbox

Ciudadela (or Ciutadella) is the second largest city, with more than 27,000 inhabitants. Has a stately air and a historic center where you can walk through narrow streets that evoke passion and sensuality

Of the sites of interest you can't miss the cMenorca Cathedral, the Plaza del Borne and the Esplanada, the castle of San Nicolás, the Municipal Museum of the Citadel and the port.


Mahón - Karol Kozlowski

Mahón is the capital of Menorca and its most important nucleus. It has more than 28,000 inhabitants and its port is considered one of the best natural harbors in the world.

You cannot miss the Mola Fortress, the Menorca Museum, the town hall, the Bastion of Sanc Roc and the church of Santa María. International Opera Week is also celebrated and,In summer, the city is filled with music with the Festival de Música d'Estiu.


Binibeca - Binibeca in Menorca

Binibeca is a small fishing village that is 8 kilometers south of Mahón.It is one of the most tourist towns of Menorca, with narrow streets and whitewashed houses that form a kind of maze.

If you go to Binibeca you can not miss its deep beach of fine sands and with a small pine forest. And the best thing is that in lYou will find several coves nearby: Biniancolla, Binisafuller, Biniparratx and Binidalí.


Fornells - Pawel Kazmierczak

Fornells is a fishing village that is located north of Menorca, have a Traditional port and a large bay of more than 3 kilometers in length.

Fornells is well known for its cuisine, where your typical dish «Lobster stew» is the most requested by locals and visitors.

You can not miss the Fornells Tower, built by the English in the early nineteenth century and from where you can admire the beautiful views of the coast.

In its surroundings you can also find acquaintances coves, the most beautiful, Cala Tirant, Cavalleria and Cala Pregonda.

Without doubt Menorca is a paradise, where you can contemplate natural beauties, you will have parties, beaches, the most spectacular coves, museums, historical monuments, charming villages and, of course, friendly people and willing to have a great time.

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