Discover how to find cheap flights without a fixed destination

Do you want to travel and can't find a destination that suits your budget? If that is your case we have the solution to your problems. It's about looking for cheap flights with no fixed destination. Do you dare to get out of the routine and explore the world with a very modest budget?

If you are thinking of going on vacation but do not know which destination is the most convenient at an economic level, do not lose detail. We invite you to discover some of the most effective methods to get cheap flights, yes, no fixed destination.

Search for cheap flights without a fixed destination

In recent years a series of search engines have emerged with offers to travel with or without a fixed destination. This last option is one of the most interesting in terms of economic level, since the results are usually the cheapest. Also, it's fun to be able to travel to a destination that you probably never thought about before. We take a look at some of those search engines.


This search engine gathers hundreds of flight offers on one page that circulate throughout cyberspace.

It has an advanced filter system that will allow you to find what you are looking for quickly and effectively. Some of the filters that you will be able to access range from the budget, through activities that you would like to do and even the temperatures of your choice.


Trabber is one of the web pages that has gained more followers in recent years thanks to its search option for “travel without destination”, as well as the fact that it includes in its prices quite accurately all the rates and other costs that many other pages do not include.


Skyscanner It is one of the most popular portals to search for flights, cars, hotels and everything related to planning a trip.

This portal has the information of more than a thousand airlines, has the incredible number of more than 25 million users and the ability to access in 23 different languages. The option to search for a trip "without destination" is another of the great attractions of this page.

«You travel not to find your destination, but to flee from where you start.»

-Miguel de Unamuno-

Catch it

Search flexibility in a three-day range is one of the strongest points of this portal. They also have a color system with which both the cheapest and highest prices stand out.


This search engine is ideal for the most indecisive people or with very tight budgets. The system works by placing the date and place of origin, selecting the desired budget, the most convenient temperature and even the maximum flight duration.

Recommendations for a trip without a fixed destination

London - Route66

Searching for travel options without a fixed destination is the ideal opportunity to enjoy new destinations at the best prices, but before embarking on that new adventure there are some considerations that you should take into consideration:

Set your budget

From the first moment you plan to make a trip The first thing you should do is define your budget very well. Once you have done it you can start your search in the different portals that offer the option “without fixed destination”.

Find out where you are going

If you have already searched and decided on one of the options offered by the portal, The next step is to inform you about everything related to the selected destination before making a final decision.

Seeks information about the political, social and health aspects of the country. It is also important that you inform yourself about aspects such as security, resorts, hotels, museums, recommendations and others.

Do not trust any web portal

The web abounds with numerous pages that offer wonders and that in the end turn out to be a scam. Before making any transaction be sure to look for information on the reputation of the portal and even contact the corresponding airline to ask if they actually sell their tickets through that intermediary.

Traveling without a fixed destination is one of the best options to know the most incredible places of our world with a very tight budget. Who said that to travel you must be a millionaire? Do you dare to put this new method of travel into practice?

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