Gijón, ideas for your trip

A millenary and young city at the same time, traditional but modern... this is how Gijón appears. Located on the shores of the Principality of Asturias, it offers all kinds of activities at any time of the year. We are going to give you some ideas for your trip to this beautiful city bathed by the waters of the Cantabrian.

Crazy about Gijón!

That It is the fantastic motto that they have chosen in the secretariat of tourism of Gijón to get the attention of travelers who do not decide to know this beautiful Asturian place. In its territory you can enjoy:

  • Biosphere reserves and more than 60 protected areas
  • 19 seaside villas
  • 20 beaches
  • Various World Heritage Sites
  • Cultural spaces and museums
  • adventure sports
  • Typical Asturian cuisine, with the fabada at the head
  • Traditional festivals (Antroxu, Black Week and Big Week among others)

What to do and see in Gijón?

It is impossible to summarize in a single article everything that this beautiful city offers. Therefore, we will try to explore the main attractions that you can enjoy during your stay.

Cimadevilla neighborhood

It is the old town of Gijón, of marine origin and from where the city began to form as we know it today. It occupies the southern slope of Santa Catalina Hill and has a marina. Many of the buildings have been remodeled without losing the beauty of times of yesteryear.

Old port of Gijón - dvoevnore

Both day and night is a beautiful place to visit. You cannot miss the Plaza Mayor, the Roman baths, the birthplace of Jovellanos and the Revillagigedo palace.

Praise of the Horizon

The highest part of Cimadevilla. This park overlooking the Cantabrian Sea has a monumental work called "Praise of the horizon", created by Eduardo Chillida in 1990. It is one of the representative icons of Gijón. Many tourists are located in the center of this large concrete structure to hear the sea and enjoy the sunsets.

Praise of the Horizon- Quintanilla

San Lorenzo Beach

Located in the urban center of the city, it has an area of ​​one kilometer and a half and draws attention for its roasted sand and because it is always full of people, especially in summer. The Paseo del Muro de San Lorenzo is a beautiful area for walking, biking or rollerblading.

San Lorenzo Beach - Hector Ruiz Villar

Evaristo Valle Museum

It is located on a farm in the parish of Somió, in one of the most exclusive areas within the limits of Gijón. This house-museum stands in the center of a beautiful garden and groups the works of local artist Evaristo Valle, who died in 1951. You can also see temporary exhibitions and exhibitions by Asturian artists.

Jovellanos Theater

There the Gijón International Film Festival has been held since 1963. In addition to screening films, talks, workshops, courses and meetings with independent actors and directors are organized. If you do not go in the month of November, when the event takes place, you can take a tour of the theater, located on the Begoña promenade. It has a fairly complete cultural program all year.

«Looking for joy, chasing it in every conversation, because if something has to happen, please, let it happen here, in the light of August in Gijón.»

-Fragment of the song «Luz de Agosto en Gijón», by Nacho Vegas-

El Molinón Soccer Stadium

There he plays Real Sporting de Gijón and has a capacity for 30,000 spectators. It is located in the center of the city and its name is because there was a huge mill in that place. Believe it or not, it is the oldest football stadium in Spain, already in 1908 those lands were used to dispute parties.

It has also been used for shows of all kinds. Artists such as Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Bon Jovi or Paul McCartney have performed at the Molinón.

Molinón Stadium - Rafa Irusta

To end this tour of Gijón We recommend you try the official Asturian drink, the cider. Taking a cider culin is typical throughout the region. You can also tour the apple-tree fields, learn about the elaboration process and even enjoy the Natural Cider Festival held every August.

Undoubtedly once you meet her ... You'll go crazy for Gijón!