Papakolea, the green beach

We invite you to visit one of the most magical and unreal places on the face of the Earth. Let's go into the mysteries of a unique green beach in the world. It's called Papakolea and it's an impressive coastal area because of the unique color of the sand.

Where is Papakolea?

The green Papakolea beach is located in the islands archipelago Hawaii. The action of time and the volcanic origin of the area has allowed us to find really unique places in the world, such as this unique piece of coastline.

For more signs, if you want to visit the green beach of Papakolea, you must go to South Point. In the southernmost part of the largest island in the entire Hawaiian archipelago you will find access to this magical corner of the Pacific Ocean.

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But nevertheless, Access to Papakolea beach is an adventure, it is not easy to get to the coast. To glimpse its green sand, you have two options, although the simplest and fastest is by sea.

If you want to approach by land, you must reach the base of a volcanic cone called Pu'u O Mahana, which is in the middle of a rugged and rugged terrain. Further, the last 5 kilometers to access Papakolea you have to walk them through lands full of solidified lava and withstanding the typical winds of the island, that although they are excellent for surfing, they are not so much for walking.

And if this were not enough, you should know that there is no signage until you reach the beach, so your access is a challenge.

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However, the final destination of the 5-kilometer adventure through uncomfortable terrain is a fantastic place called Papakolea. A wonderful green beach protected by high cliffs and cliffs which gives an overwhelming and almost unnatural image of the place.

Why is the sand on Papakolea beach green?

Have you ever stopped to think why the sand of Papakolea beach may be green? It's actually very simple. This peculiar tone is due to the action of a semi-precious stone called olivine and that is responsible for giving the color to the place.

Olivine It is a stone formed over hundreds of centuries by the volcanic cone of Pu'u Mahana, which is about 49,000 years old. This is located in the southwest part of a crack known as Mauna Loa.

Over time, erosion caused by ocean waves has extracted the semi-precious stones of olivine, known in the area as "Hawaiian diamond". This is a typical material of the ash cones found in the Hawaiian Islands, causing it to reach the ground like sand glass.

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Because olivine is much denser than other sand crystals, and has greater resistance, has accumulated on the green beach of Papakolea.

More green beaches in the world

But nevertheless, Papakolea is not the only green beach in the world, although the most uniform and spectacular. But, if you want to locate similar phenomena across the planet, you can try Talofofo beach, located on the island of Guam, or Hornindalsvatnet, in Norway. In addition, there are two more in the Galapagos Islands and another unique demonstration in Punta Cormorán, located on the Floreana Island of Ecuador.

"Everyone is strange and wonderful for a wide open pupils."

-José Ortega y Gasset-

So, if you want to visit a wonderful paradise, and feel surrounded by a mystical and almost magical green, Your destination is located in the Hawaiian Islands, where you will discover the most disturbing and supernatural green beach on the planet, that of Papakolea.

In addition, after a long pilgrimage on foot of 5 kilometers to reach this unforgettable corner, you must wait until you are dazzled by the play of colors that causes sunlight at sunset, when Papakolea is more beautiful than ever and the atmosphere is truly impressive. A unique and amazing show. So do not hesitate, pack your bags and jump into the adventure of your life.

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