My trip on the Alaskan train

You may be afraid to ride a train through an area full of snow, ice and cliffs ... but it is a wonderful experience and you must do at least once in your life! Taking a trip on the train in Alaska is really fascinating, unique and surprising. There are no adjectives that can qualify it! You have to live it yourself!

Destination: the Arctic Circle

Alaska is characterized by being one of the coldest and most isolated regions in the world. Located northwest of America and separated from Russia by the Bering Strait, it has landscapes that will leave more than one breathless. It is such a beautiful place that you won't mind the freezing temperatures!

Salmon Glacier - Feng Yu

If you like train travel you can not miss this tour from May to September (in the other months the amount of ice does not allow circulation through the area). The highlights of the trip are:

  • Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska
  • Talkeetna
  • Seward
  • Denali National Park
  • Fairbanks, from where you can admire beautiful northern lights
  • Mount McKinley, with its 6194 meters high
  • Arctic Circle

Alaska train service is daily and has ... panoramic domes! Yes, the roof is transparent so you don't miss anything. The 10 wagons are a unique luxury and you can opt for various branches to different parts of the country and even connect to the Princess cruise from the most important port.

Alaska Train - Bryan Brazil

This means of transport takes you through one of the loneliest, most beautiful and frozen areas! of the world. Draws attention to its proper functioning despite the bad weather conditions. The roads are also used to move merchandise and people between the different villages, therefore it is of great importance also for residents.

The trip never ends. Only travelers end. And they can also subsist in memory, in memory, in narration… The purpose of a trip is only the beginning of another trip. ”

-José Saramago-

Train in Alaska, the most popular route

If you want to go through the most beautiful landscapes (take several memories for your camera because you will need them) and historic sites in Alaska,opt for the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. There is no doubt that it is the most beautiful excursion you can do by train.

This tour was built at the end of the 19th century and is related to the so-called "gold rush", in addition to being a civil engineering work that is worth knowing. You will pass through dark tunnels, high-rise bridges and curves that are not suitable for scary. You cannot believe that much of the infrastructure is more than 100 years old because everything is perfectly maintained.

You can also admire amazing landscapes like glaciers, waterfalls, gorges and many mountains with snow on top.

Moraine lake - canadastock

Alaska train trips depart from different stations: Skagway, Fraser, British Columbia, Carcross, Yukon or Whitehourse.

Another of the most recommended itineraries to do with the train is the White Pass Summit Excursion that lasts 3 hours and part of Skagway. Although it is more than likely to cost you to choose just one trip. Take advantage of doing several in your stay!

Denali National Park, undisputed stop

Beyond all the landscapes that will dazzle you on your train trip through Alaska there is a place that you can not miss. Denali National Park has, for example, the most remote camp you can imagine. It is surrounded by Wonder Lake (yes, wonder) and can be visited until September 15 every year. Withstand the cold to enjoy a beautiful northern lights during the early morning!

Denali National Park - Kushal Bose

Touring Alaska by train is one of the most exciting adventures that an avid traveler can enjoy unforgettable experiences. You are one of them? Then sign up for a railroad tour through this frozen and beautiful region. You will not regret!

Video: FULL Video With My Alaskan Railroad Tour (February 2020).