Discover lakes and lagoons of Guatemala

The more than 200 lakes and lagoons of Guatemala make this Latin American country famous. In their lands there are many of these geographical manifestations, so we invite you to embark with us on a journey that will take us throughout its geography looking for the most beautiful corners.

Lake Atitlan

Among the lakes and lagoons of Guatemala we find that for many it is the most beautiful on the planet, it is Lake Atitlan.He was qualified by the famous writer Aldous Huxley as «the most beautiful lake in the world » And it is no accident.

Lake Atitlan - Petr Teuchner

Located in the Department of Sololá, famous in Guatemala for the huge amount of mountains found there, we located the incredible lake of Atitlan, with its deep blue waters surrounded by the volcanoes of Atitlan, San Pedro and Tolimán.

Around the lake of Atitlán there is a plethora of forests with native plants and animals from the area that are protected with care by the local people, including several indigenous peoples that endure today and maintain much of their customs and traditions.

Lake Petén Itzá

It is the turn now of another of the wonderful lakes and lagoons of Guatemala, Lake Petén Itzá. In this case, the geographical manifestation is surrounded by a huge and lush forest, It has developed around an area of ​​heavy rains and lowlands.

Petén Itzá Lake - Svetlana Bykova

As a curious note, Inside Lake Petén Itzá we find an island, on which the town called Flores was built, linked to the land by a half-kilometer terrain tongue that connects you with Santa Elena, another peculiar town in the area.

Izabal Lake

Between the lakes and lagoons of Guatemala We found Lake Izabal, the largest in the whole country. Around it, we located the Sierra de las Minas and the Santa Cruz hill. In addition, in this area we find native species such as the freshwater manatee and abundance of fish.

Amatitlan Lake

Another of the famous lakes and lagoons of Guatemala is Lake Amatitlán. In this case, very close to Guatemala City itself, it is an impressive body of water whose greatness is observed with all majesty from the top of the viewpoint of the United Nations Park. To get there use the funicular that arrives from Las Ninfas and enjoys the beautiful views throughout the journey.

Amatitlan Lake - Anton_Ivanov

More lakes and lagoons in Guatemala

Among the lakes and lagoons of Guatemala we find many other prodigious places, such as El Golfete, which receives the nickname of “Dulce” or “Izabalito” because in it the great Izabal drains its waters.

«I have been surpassed by the beauty and richness of our common life, those early mornings that are set, the bright nights with the rivers and lakes below us, still in the last light.»
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh-

We also found Guija Lake, which shares a good stretch of its territory with the neighboring country of El Salvador, in the departments of Santa Ana and Jutiapa, and which has several islands in the volcanic region. Or the beautiful Laguna Chichoj, which we located on the shore of the Villa de San Cristóbal Verapaz, just over 200 kilometers from Guatemala City.

Semuc Champei Park - soft_light

Other lagoons in Guatemala also stand out, such as those in Ayarza, known as "El Tecomante", in the center of a crater, and whose origin dates back 20,000 years in time, after a volcanic eruption.

Or the Laguna El Pino, in a protected area south of Guatemala City, in the department of Santa Rosa, whose small area of ​​just 700 square meters reaches depths of up to 30 meters.

And among the multiple lakes and lagoons of Guatemala, we do not forget others like Lachuá, in the rainforest, Petexbatún, in whose waters the La Pasión river flows; Yaxhá, which is located in the Mayan city of the same name, or Yolnabaj, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, in the department of Huehuetenango, and which is also called the “Laguna Brava”. In definita, pure naturelaza in a wonderful country.

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