4 reasons why you don't travel to distant countries

There are those who dream daily of getting up from their office in the office, taking a plane with no specific direction and leaving everything behind.The fantasy of contemplating dream places and entering the unknown is common to all people.

However, few dare to take a step forward and venture to discover everything the world hides by planning trips to exotic places and distant countries.

Fears and prejudices

Fear is one of the greatest enemies when traveling,especially if we talk about going to places with customs radically opposed to ours.

1. Fear of being away from home

One of the reasons that stops most when launching to prepare a travel plan on the other side of the globe is the fear of being away from home. There are many who the simple idea of ​​imagining wandering the streets of unknown cities causes them great levels of anguish and anxiety


The idea of ​​not knowing which directions to follow, who to ask and not understand the language cause a huge sense of lack of control over what happens. This generates that the negativity and the idea that everything could go wrong progress and settle in our brain. As soon as this uncertainty appears, moving to such remote areas becomes something absolutely harmful to our adventurous vein.

Starting to turn around the lack of comfort that we will suffer will cause us to stop when we undertake a trip that forces us to leave our comfort zone. The important thing is to launch the experience so that, little by little, we end up feeling comfortable in any part of the planet by the simple fact of being there.

2. Aerophobia

The fear of flying is one of the most commonUnderstandably, if we stop to wonder how huge and heavy aircraft such as airplanes can cross the sky without falling.

In the case of traveling to distant populations, To this is added the inconvenience of spending lots of hours sitting in the same posture in a tightly closed place and surrounded by strangers. All this can cause some claustrophobia in many passengers, who end up opting to visit closer places so as not to withstand such inconveniences.

«When traveling by plane there are only two kinds of emotions: boredom and terror»

-Orson Welles-

At present, many of the most prestigious airlines have noticed this problem and their hostesses are prepared to help overcome these types of phobias for those who need it. In the same way, It is advisable to prevent possible discomfort already at home, making sure to keep a positive thought and leaving aside catastrophic judgments.

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3. Fear of something bad happening to us

The ghost that something bad can happen to us in places whose customs we don't know can become an obsession. Such obsessive thoughts can lead to the idea that horrible things will also happen to those who accompany us, particularly if we feel affection for them.

These illusions can end up invading our mind and transforming the perspective of a joyful journey into pure negativity. It is essential to expose yourself to your own fears so that they do not dominate us anymore.

Once we have lived the fascinating experience of discovering distant places we will realize that these ideas prevented us from exploring the planet and we will consider them as what they really are, oppressive thoughts devoid of foundation.


Other times it's not fears, but the budget that prevents us from getting away from our home a lot when traveling.

4. Lack of economic means

One of the most common reasons to end up not traveling to unknown countries is the lack of economic means enough to pay for a stay in a hotel of sufficient quality, as well as the inability to meet the price of round-trip air tickets. The latter usually account for more than 80% of the total cost of the trip when it comes to long-distance journeys.

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Money ties to those who wish to explore remote regions and it forces them to materialize more economic expeditions and, therefore, in nearby towns. And it is that monetary problems are one of the main causes of stress in our society.

When embarking on a trip, it is usual to adjust flight prices as much as possible. This usually affects the final choice of the destination, since many end up opting to visit closer places where they can afford better accommodation and visit more museums and monuments while saving.