Marseille: everything you need to know about the city

As you probably already know, Marseille is one of the most important cities in France. Its climate, its spectacular beaches and historical monuments have made it the darling of Europe. Would you like to meet her? Explore with us the history of this wonderful city and the places you cannot miss on your next visit.

Marseille, a little history

Marseille is the second most populous city in France. This city was developed under the name of Massalia, initially it was a colony founded by sailors around 600 BC. There are still some remains that testify to this ancient and rich culture.

Fort St. Jean - Salva Barbera /

In the year 1481 Massalia was incorporated into the French crown and the vertiginous growth of the city began, thanks to several strategic alliances that were made with the Ottoman Empire. Behind the French revolution the city was the scene of several episodes loaded with violence, repression and terror carried out by the followers of the monarchy.

During the 19th century there was rapid progress, but the city suffered great losses during World War II. Fortunately, after these dark episodes, it was almost completely rebuilt.

What to see in Marseille?

With such a broad and convulsive history, It is not surprising that Marseille offers places full of attractions, in addition to its beautiful beaches. These are some of the corners You can't stop visiting.

Religious buildings

Among the monuments you must visit is the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, a Romanesque-Byzantine style building unique in its style throughout France.

Basilica Our Lady of Garde - Selden Vestrit /

Another wonderful temple is Notre-Dame de la Garde, an impressive basilica that sits atop a limestone rock 149 meters above sea level. From it you will see fantastic views of the city.

Y don't forget the Abbey of San Víctor, built near the tombs of the martyrs of Marseille in the 5th century.

If Castle

This impressive construction It was built between 1527 and 1529 to protect the city. Years later it was a state prison.

If Castle - headzsquare studios /

As a curiosity, it seems that Alejandro Dumas was inspired by the story of one of his prisoners to write his novel The count of Montecristo.

«For all kinds of evils there are two remedies; time and silence.

-Alejandro Dumas-

The Longchamp Palace

It was inaugurated in 1869 to commemorate the arrival of the waters of the Durance river in Marseille. It houses two museums, the one of Fine Arts and the one of Natural History. In addition to the collections you can enjoy its beautiful gardens.

Marseille Longchamp Palace - Okki /

The streets of the city

Simply Walking in Marseille is already a delight. Enjoy the lively life of its old port, walk the streets of neighborhoods like the Panier are experiences that you will not easily forget.

Further, You can take the opportunity to enter a store and buy the typical Marseille soaps, you will be surprised how many types of soaps there are.

The Calanques

A trip to Marseille would not be complete if a small excursion to the Calanques is not made. It is an impressive piece of coastline with cliffs, small fjords and hidden coves. A landscape in which the white color of the rocks blends perfectly with the deep turquoise blue of the Mediterranean waters.

Calanques - Thibault Houspic /

What you should know before traveling to Marseille

Something you should keep in mind is thatMarseille is not a cheap city to spend a holiday, but that does not mean that you cannot find interesting accommodation offers. Find information and advice from friends who have previously traveled to this city and surely you will find endless possibilities that your pocket will thank you for.

The city is always beautiful, but if you want to enjoy it in all its splendor, Travel in spring. It is one of the best times to enjoy the beaches of Marseille without the agglomeration of thousands of tourists.

If you arrive in the city at any other time, don't worry, in Marseille the weather is typical of the Mediterranean, summers are dry and quite hot and winters are mild.

Marseille is one of those cities that has everything: amazing beaches, fabulous weather and amazing history and culture. Do you dare to travel to Marseille?

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