Irresistible places for chocolate lovers

Gastronomic tourism is in fashion. Food lovers today have more than ever the chance to visit exotic restaurants, markets, cheese shops, wineries and other places of interest. All open their doors to the foodie inside us to satisfy not only our culinary tastes, but also our curiosity. If what you like is chocolate, there are destinations, more than recommended, essential.

Among all the delicious food fads, the chocolate It is undoubtedly one of the most adept along the width and length of the globe. Today we take a walk through the places to which every cocoa lover should approach at least once in a lifetime.

Belgium: world capital of chocolate

Belgium is recognized worldwide as the quintessential chocolate country. The small city of Bruges, famous for the charm of its streets and canals, houses some of the most popular confectionery on the planet and its bakeries give a good account of this by giving away our view with shelves full of pastries filled with cocoa cream.

Chocolatería, Ghent - /

For its part, the capital, Brussels, hosts one of the highest numbers in houses specializing in this sweet matter. Pierre Marcolini's shop is one of the most respected. The luxury of the establishment becomes more than evident as soon as you cross the door, which will give us an idea of ​​the expensive price of the products sold there.

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Shop, Brussels - Lee McCoy /

Other manufacturers in the region are Godiva, Leonidas and Neuhaus. If after all of them we still want more, we must go to the Musée de Cacao et du Chocolat to learn a little more about the history of this delicacy.

Switzerland: home of the chocolate train

The magical aspect of this food is reserved for Switzerland. Several centuries ago this nation adopted milk chocolate as one of its star products. Moreover, Lindt is a Swiss company, based in Zurich, dedicated for over a century to try to create the highest quality tablets and chocolate in the world.

Chocolate shop, Zurich - mksfca

One of the attractions that most seduces the foreign public is the Maison Cailler-Nestlé, located in Broc. In it, a spectacular play of lights and smells will immerse us in the history of this food. There we will be offered the possibility of attending a private class in which we can prepare our own confectionery.

Train of Choclate in Switzerland - Serjio74 /

Finally, tourists will have the opportunity to savor a huge range of sweets fresh from the ovens. At the exit is the Chocolate Train stop It offers a stimulating and beautiful walk through the local towns from Gruyère to Montreux.

Óbidos: delicious Portuguese corner

In Portugal, more specifically In the town of Óbidos, the International Chocolate Festival is held annually. For several days, lots of gourmets meet in front of their walls to walk among their hundreds of small stalls.

Chocolate Fair, Óbidos - M.V. Photography /

The owners of these kiosks hold samples and exhibitions of figures that seem rather true works of art, so elaborate that it is a shame to eat them. Likewise, those who are interested in learning to prepare recipes that have cocoa as a base ingredient will have the privilege of participating in one of the various courses taught there.

Chocolate Fair, Óbidos - Ivo Anastácio

They also have a series of educational activities and entertainment intended for children, such as The Chocolate House.

"Chocolate makes everyone smile, even the bankers."

-Benneville Strohecker-

Brimingham: where fantasy becomes reality

Those who dream of living the experience of the protagonist of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are in luck. The Cadbury company opens its doors to any visitor who wishes to fulfill the dream of contemplating how the chocolate pieces that arrive at our houses are prepared.

Cadbury's World, Birmingham - Elliott Brown /

Located in Birmingham, England, The Cadbury's World factory will delight young and old alike. In its facilities we will have the opportunity to play in the chocolate rain room.

In the same way, we will be allowed to create our own tablet by filling it with our favorite delicacies such as mint, nuts, almonds or treats of any kind. But that is not all, we will also inform you about the usual procedure for packing lots that are subsequently sold in stores and supermarkets.

Surely you have made your mouth water. Are you ready to travel to any of these delicious places where chocolate is king? By the way, better forget about diets for a few days, temptation will be more irresistible than ever, even if you are not especially sweet tooth.

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