The magic of the Hill of Seven Colors in Argentina

Magical, beautiful and picturesque, this is how the Hill of Seven Colors is shown, a landscape like no other, which evokes the palette of a painter who discovers its infinite colors and nuances with sunlight. With charming people and a climate that invites you to visit it, meet with us the beautiful Cerro de los Siete Colores.

The Hill of Seven Colors is located in Purmamarca, in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy Province, Argentina. It is a place with a great magnetism and one of the most photographed of the Argentine northwest for its great beauty, given by its colors and contrasts.

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The Hill of Seven Colors is a unique mountainous spectacle in Argentina. The slopes of this hill show horizontal lines, which look like pieces of different bright colors, able to transmute into the existence of a solid and immutable rainbow.

The colors of the hill

According to experts, the Hill of Seven ColorsIt originated seventy-five million years ago. In the composition of their lands are marine, lake and river sediments, resulting in a perfect polychromy that serves as a backdrop for Purmamarca.

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Each color corresponds to a specific composition:

  • Pink color: composed of red clay, fangolites (mud) and arilites (sand).
  • Off-white color: limestone or limestone, white ones.
  • Brown, brown and purple colors: Composed of lead and loamy, rich in calcium carbonate.
  • Red color: composed of clays (iron) and clays belonging to the upper Tertiary.
  • Green color: composed of phyllites, copper oxide slates.
  • Earthy brown color: fanglomerate composed of manganese rock belonging to the Quaternary.
  • Mustard yellow color: calcareous sandstone with sulfur.

The enchanting legend of the Hill of Seven Colors

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The locals tell a much more beautiful and charming story. Legend has it that when they founded the town of Purmamarca, the hills had no color, the children found him lifeless and decided to paint the colored slopes.

For seven nights they disappeared from their beds and at each dawn the adults were amazed to find that the hill had color after color, adding more color with each passing day.

Arriving on the seventh night the adults woke up early and discovered that none of the children were in their beds. They started looking for them desperately, however, they came happily jumping up the hillside, full of paint, since then the hill has always had seven colors.

«Not everything in life is one color or another. Look if not the rainbow. »

-Paulo Coelho-

How to get to know the Hill of Seven Colors

From Purmamarca there are excursions on foot through the hills, in routes of approximately one hour of walking. The best time to appreciate the magic of the hill is at dawn, when the first rays of the sun settle on the multicolored lands and show all their splendor.

Hill of the Seven Colors - sunsinger

On the excursion to the Hill of Seven Colors, tourists can perform various activities, such as walks, horseback riding bike rides and photographic safaris, in addition to being dazzled by the imposing landscapes of northern Argentina.

The charm of Purmamarca

Purmamarca is a charming and picturesque village nestled in the polychromatic Hill of the Seven Colors. It is located in the gorge of Humahuaca and has the ideal tourist contrast that enchants visitors.

Hill of the Seven Colors - Jool-yan

Purmamarca, "People of the Virgin Land" in the aimará language, It is made up of adobe buildings and cardboard roofs with mud cakes, in a mild climate. An interesting accommodation infrastructure and the distinctive cuisine complete the tourist offer of this charming place.

One of its attractions is the Santa Rosa de Lima church, declared a National Monument, for its architectural disposition and for the paintings and images of Cuzco that it has inside.

Purmamarca - Spectral-Design

The craft fair operates in its square, where it is possible to find tourists acquiring typical items such as vessels, carpets made of looms, ponchos, musical instruments and typical clothes of the ravine.

To enjoy the landscape of Purmamarca You can go trekking, horseback riding or contemplative tourism excursions by the bed of the homonymous river, or by the Paseo de los Colorados, which has beautiful views with stone formations that were naturally carved.

If you go to Argentina Do not miss the opportunity to see this wonderful gift of nature up close. The colors of the hill, the impressive beauty of the landscapes and its charming town, give life, without a doubt, to one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Video: Purmamarca - Magic Sunset At Seven Colors Mountains - Purmamarca - Argentina (December 2019).