Travel alone, you will have fun

More and more you are the ones who dare to make a trip alone and, of course, you also do it. It can be a most enriching experience, in fact there are people who, when they try it, do not want to travel otherwise. And is that, Although it is not the cheapest or sometimes the safest way, there are many ways to make your trip the most fun. Come girls, cheer up! Here we give you a few reasons for you to embark on this adventure of discovering places and yourself.

Travel alone? Yes!

You decide what you want

One of the great advantages of this solo adventure, is that you do not have to be accountable to anyone, if you are going to see this or that thing, or if you eat here or there. You decide if you spend the day at the beach or rent a motorcycle to move around the area. That is to say, you have all the freedom to do what you want, and logically you are also the maximum responsible for your actions.

Rome - Viacheslav Lopatin

However, the experience of other travelers assures you that doing what you want, Surely you will find other people, girls and boys, in that same situation and with similar interests. Because traveling alone does not mean that you do not interact with anyone. On the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity to meet people with whom you may have many things in common.

Plan to improvise

If you travel alone it is much better that you spend time before the trip to plan your stay as much as possible, or at least to know what you can do. Depending on your destination, for example a big city, you can be totally dwarfed at first and not know where to start.

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand - Naruedom Yaempongsa

It is better that you have a few clear things, that you have all the relevant information and consider a plan to follow. Do not worry. Surely there will come a time that you will skip and improvise, but you will have a series of resources at your disposal. Any habitual solo traveler will tell you that she improvises continuously, but that she has everything planned.

The choice of accommodation

The same freedom you have to choose what activities you will do during your trip, you have it to Choose your accommodation, its location, category and the services it offers. The only condition is that indicated by your budget.

However, and without wanting to restrict your freedom to stay where you feel like it, we are going to give you a few tips that we think are absolutely logical. We recommend looking for a hotel, hostel, hostel, etc., in a safe environment, That is as comfortable as possible for your moments of relaxation, and that you have a Wi-Fi network there, since even if you travel alone it is very good that you are communicated with the world and, above all, with your closest beings.

Meet people

We have already said it above. Surely you meet people during your trip. Maybe you think you're a shy girl. Well, without knowing you, from here, we tell you that if you undertake a solo trip you will be surprised.

Copacabana, Brazil - Donatas Dabravolskas

The need for information or simply conversation at any given time will make you talk on a train, in a pub and, above all, in your accommodation.

For that, an ideal place are the hostels, hostel in English. There travelers from all over the world converge, and there are always many who travel alone, so everyone is eager to have a beer in the company.

"I have realized that there is no safer way to know if you like or hate people who travel with them."

-Mark Twain-

It's not strange to make travel companions for a few days, with the advantage that you can create a great friendship and, if there is finally no chemistry, just continue traveling each one by his side.

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