Discover the secret of the Danes to be the happiest in the world

We have been very surprised to know that those people who live in “cold” countries are the happiest on the planet. The list, according to the World Health Organization, is headed by Denmark. So is, Danes are people who hardly know sadness. You want to know why? In this article we tell you!

World Happiness Index

¿How can those who live in a place whose winters are very cold be happy, long and dark? How can these people who spend it inside the house be first in a ranking of happiness? Yes, there is a report that is responsible for studying and measuring this aspect.

It may seem a bit strange to us if our idea of ​​being happy is to lie on the beach having a beer or spend a weekend with family and friends on a lake or mountain (it should be noted that the highest point in Denmark does not exceed 200 meters above sea level).

Copenhagen - Fedor Selivanov

But we may have to travel to Danish lands to see it with our own eyes. In Copenhagen, the capital, it seems that perfection is a sine qua non condition. We see the beautiful women strolling in the streets with their children or the men sitting and enjoying themselves in a small cafe downtown. Is it a facade? Are they recording a movie? No way! It is the daily life of the Danes.

So that we understand the situation a bit, for example we can say that the Government and the companies facilitate the reconciliation of working life with the family. If you stay more hours in the office it is because you have not been able to complete your tasks, working from home is very common and mothers have up to one year of leave when they give birth. And, in addition, young people receive 800 euros a month as "salary" for studying.

Copenhagen - Bucchi Francesco

Outdoor activities or in indoor places are never lacking. From a jazz concert in a square to a museum (Sundays are free) ... for all tastes. The restaurants are usually packed (it also eats very well) and it is common to invite friends to drink a beer home after work.

The hygge, the secret of the happiness of the Danes

The reasons for joy in this country go beyond education and public health of the highest quality, the highest salaries in the world, political stability, care for the environment and equality between men and women (as if all this it was not enough). What then produces such happiness? They tell him hygge, a word in local language that does not have a timely translation in Spanish.

Bornholm - Milosz Maslanka

Even though the concept would be something like "the good for the soul" or "the cozy". So it means having a good time in front of the fireplace, drinking a coffee or a mulled wine with sugar while from the window (without blinds) you see the snow fall and the night appear. It is also to meet loved ones on weekends, smell freshly baked bread, wear a warm wool sweater, read a good book ...

According to the book The year we live in Danishby Helen Russell hygge it is related to being good to oneself, not denying us any everyday pleasure and spend pleasant times doing what we like the most.

"Human happiness is generally not achieved with large strokes of luck, which may occur rarely, but with small things that occur every day."

-Benjamin Franklin-

As well it has to do with home decoration (where they spend many hours in the long winters). Since in the middle of the year there are only 4 hours of light per day and the temperatures are never higher than 0 ° C, the Danes try to be comfortable at home thanks to candles, incenses, furniture and, of course, good company and nice activities.

Of course there is still more to Denmark: hospitality, personal and general well-being, benevolence and the absence of worries are just some of the other reasons why Danes are so, but so, happy. Peace is the rule and not the exception, kindness too.

Therefore, if you want to be happy without thinking and think about your comfort or well-being ... take a walk through Denmark. Maybe you can "copy" their philosophy of life and move it to your family, neighborhood and why not, country.


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