La Grotte de Saint-Marcel, a spectacular cave in France

In France, in the area of ​​Bidon and near the entrance of the gorges of the Ardèche, it unfolds La Grotte de Saint-Marcel, a spectacular cave that will transport any direct visitor to a magical paradise. In addition, this place presents beautiful galleries and rooms that stand out above all for their lighting system.

The discovery of the Grotte de Saint-Marcel

This cave in France was discovered in 1836 by a hunter who was around the area in search of his ferret. The animal entered the cave and thus found a unique underground system that presented approximately 57 kilometers of galleries, although it is presumed that there are many more. Today this cave in France is a great tourist attraction.

Grotte de Saint-Marcel - mll /

The visits to the cave have been carried out since the 19th century, but it was not until the 60s that the path was built to access starting from the town of St. Marcel de l'Ardèche. Further,The cave is located in a large natural park with other interesting places, such as Les Gorges or the Camino de la Gran Piedra, where a three meter high menhir stands.

The interior of the Grotte de Saint-Marcel

The visit to the cave lasts approximately one hour and allows the traveler to explore part of the cave. There are 17 kilometers of tunnels that are closed to the general public, only the most expert cavers can access these areas.

The tour

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The guided tour takes 600 meters of cave. A tour that allows you to admire the tunnels and huge rooms, including the Fountain of the Virgin, the Painters Gallery and the Mesa de los Reyes.

A walk in the middle of a magical atmosphere, for the beauty of the cave and for the beautiful lighting installed, which makes this place in France seem taken from a fairy tale.

Gours pools

Gours pools - Stefan Leßmann /

What was most surprising to the first explorers of this cave were the impressive formations known as Gours pools. These were created through the accumulation of calcite and different minerals.

Colored lights give it a touch of fantasy, in fact, these beautiful stepped pools have been the setting for some movies French, among them Les deux mondes Y L'âge de raison.

Other places of interest

The cathedral - Stefan Leßmann /

Throughout the cave other wonderful corners are discovered. One of them is an incredible rock formation known as The Cathedral. But in addition, there are galleries where you can admire a good number of cave paintings.

Other places to visit in Saint Marcel d'Ardèche

La Grotte de Saint-Marcel is the great attraction of the Ardèche area, but not the only one.Another attraction found in this area of ​​southern France is the Underground World Museum, a large museum of French caving where teams of cavers are exhibited.

Another interesting place that You can visit it is the prehistoric zoo of St Remèze. It is a place where reproductions of prehistoric animal species are exhibited, from moschops to mammoths or tyrannosaurs.

«Traveling makes one modest. You see the small place you occupy in the world. »

-Gustave Flaubert-

Saint Marcel d'Ardèche offers the possibility of enjoying a wonderful getaway: vagaries of nature, history and beautiful landscapes. A perfect place to enjoy regardless of age.

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