Loarre Castle, beautiful Romanesque in Huesca

Today we propose a trip in which we will get lost in the Middle Ages touring Loarre Castle. This photogenic 11th-century building is located in the town of the same name, belonging to the Aragonese province of Huesca, in Spain.

When we talk about a photogenic building, we mean that the place was the scene of different films shot between its walls. On the one hand we find The kingdom of heaven, Ridley Scott film starring the famous Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson.

«I will die in front of the enemy like a good knight. It is you who will return rump like a traitor.

-Jacques de Mailly-

Another production that had the honor of being shot between its ancient walls was Miguel and William, directed by Inés Paris and starring Juan Luis Galiardo and Elena Anaya. It tells with humor how it could be a hypothetical meeting between William Shakespeare and our most illustrious writer, Miguel de Cervantes.

How is he Loarre Castle

Loarre Castle - leoks

Loarre Castle, located in the mountains of the same name in the Aragonese community, is a building in the purest medieval Romanesque style. It is dated in the eleventh century, in the middle of the Middle Ages, and has also had abbey work throughout its history.

Initially was raised to control the plain known as Hoya de Huesca, especially the area of ​​Bolea. This was a very important Muslim square in the days of the Christian reconquest over the Islamic empire that dominated much of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Today Loarre Castle has an excellent state of conservation and can be visited. It is a fantastic exponent of the medieval and Romanesque military construction and is considered a National Monument since 1906, of Cultural Interest and, if everything goes as it should, a World Heritage Site by Unesco, because that is the interest of the authorities of the zone.

It sits on a small mountain of limestone that was used as a foundation. Thanks to this, its walls could not be undermined, which was a great military advantage in its time. This leads him to be the Romanesque fortress that is best preserved throughout Europe.

The history of Loarre Castle

It is believed that this castle was built on a Roman settlement known as Calagurris Fibularia. Historians, after finding Roman coins in the area, have reached this conclusion, although it is not confirmed.

Loarre Castle Tower - Clavivs

Initially It was King Sancho III who ordered the lifting of this border fortress to serve as the first line of defense against Muslim attacks from Bolea. With the building they dominated the entire plain.

The chapel, the building itself, the courtyard, the Torreón de la Reina, the tribute tower or Albarrana tower and the rooms of the service and the military remain in good condition.

However, other kings like Sancho Ramírez decided to extend the stays. In this case, around 1071 various works were carried out that give it the shape and set of today, which was not definitively finished until 1287.

What to see in Loarre Castle

Loarre Castle is a beautiful Romanesque building in which elements such as the great trick of the architects stand out to be able to confuse the building itself and the walls with the land on which it stands.

Loarre castle walls - peresanz

The walls, dated in 1287, represent a total land of more than 10,000 square meters with a perimeter of 172 meters. The entrances are located at various points, especially in a rectangular tower that contrasts with the others, in a semicircular way.

At the entrance of the enclosure we find a really impressive canyon vault. On its sides, several stairs leading to the guard and the crypt of Santa Quiteria, where burials were produced.

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Above the crypt of Santa Quiteria we find the church of San Pedro, Romanesque style construction on a single nave with semicircular apse and columns attached to the walls with biblical and vegetal details.

You can also glimpse today the dependencies of the canonical and the noble, the dungeon, the weapons room, the courtyard of arms, the church of Santa Maria, the cistern with capacity for up to 8,000 liters of water, military stays, the kitchens and various towers, including that of the Queen and the Tribute, 22 meters high and 5 floors that communicates with the drawbridge. That is Loarre Castle is a visit that you cannot miss.

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